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Our modern way of life would not be possible without fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas and their industrial use. However, if not done with appropriate precautions, the extraction and further processing of these raw materials could result in life-threatening risks for both people and ecosystems. The same applies to many other combustible gases, liquids and dusts.

R. STAHL designs its products and solutions with the sole aim of preventing explosions and minimising the potential risks associated with the production and processing of combustible gases, liquids and dusts. This enables us to protect people, plant and the environment. We also feel committed to this claim when structuring our internal processes and actions. We ensure that we act according to environmental, social and corporate standards. We place great emphasis on respecting the environment and on maintaining good relationships with our stakeholders, notably our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and shareholders.


R. STAHL PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA was selected as the winner in the category “small and medium sized companies” by the
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) SustainAward jury.

About IGCC

The IGCC is a non-profit organisation active in promoting Indo-German economic cooperation and is today, with over 6.700 members, the largest Bi-National Chamber abroad and the largest Chamber of Commerce in India. It is the first contact point for Indian companies interested in business with Germany as well as German companies interested in business with India. For over 50 years, the organisation has played a major role in advancing corporate as well as cultural understanding between India and Germany through its gamut of services ranging from finding a business partner, forming a company, organising delegations, seminars, buyer-seller meets, translation, providing legal assistance, assistance in technology transfer and renewable energies to conducting management training as per the ‘Dual System’ in Germany.

About the SustainAward

With the introduction of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations (UN) have urged every business to rethink their social and environmental impact. From ending poverty, improving gender equality and the availability of water, to sustainable consumption patterns and the protection of ecosystems. The SDG framework provides an internationally accepted guideline for urgently needed transformations, laying out where the world collectively needs to go and how to get there by 2030.

The SustainAward is evaluated in five main topics; Sustainability in Management, Market, Working Environment, Natural Environment and Community.

How did R. STAHL get the SustainAward?

The sustainable business practices presented by the company cover an impressive spectrum of activities. R. STAHL is best known for its quality products and has been setting trends in the field of safety technology for hazardous areas, bringing value to its customers. The main focus and the strength of R. STAHL PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA is the well-developed employee welfare system, including employee transportation, an in-house medical centre and a canteen, approachable for all employees regardless of their position. The free health check-ups as well as the upskilling and cross-skilling training sessions contribute to the well-being and professional career options of the employees. 

In view of ecological awareness, R. STAHL PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA also installed an on-site solar power system. Besides this, the company fosters local community development by offering international exchange programmes. Moreover, they support NGOs like “Roshni Homes” with legal advice and infrastructure projects.

Ex Sustainaward sustainability R. STAHL
From left: Bernhard Steinruecke (Director General-IGCC), Thomas Wittek (Managing Director of R. STAHL PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA), Joe Kaeser (President and CEO of Siemens)

The SustainAward Event

The SustainAward was handed over on 2nd Nov 2019 at the 63rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) and was held in The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the guest of honour at the AGM along with other high-ranking dignitaries. Angela Merkel addressed the gathering, which was attended by more than 300 companies. Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens and
Bernhard  Steinruecke, Director General-IGCC, presented this award to the Managing Director Thomas Wittek at this event.

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