New socket panels for wall installation

The wall installation socket panels in the 8150/5-V88 series are expanding the R. STAHL product portfolio for clean rooms


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R. STAHL expands its product portfolio for socket panels. The socket panels in the 8150/5-V88 series have been developed for applications whereby particle contamination must be avoided. These can be installed in hazardous areas in Zones 1 and 2 in accordance with EN 60079-10-1 as well as in Zones 21 and 22 in accordance with EN 60079-10-2.

Background: The number of products and the requirements for these that correspond to hygiene standards are increasing, regardless of whether it is pharmaceutical products or components for micro-electronics and microstructure technology that are being manufactured. The only difference is that while the pharmaceutical industry focuses on human health, in the semiconductor industry, particles shorten the service life of components such as chips, LEDS or touchscreens.

In production facilities for the products mentioned here, portable devices such as pumps, cleaning equipment, vacuums or compressors must be connected safely. For this reason, connectors and sockets in this environment should meet the same two conditions regarding protection: GMP requirements and those for explosion protection.

The stainless steel socket panels in the 8150/5-V88 series have been specifically developed for such applications. To eliminate contamination by particles, the GMP-compliant design was given top priority. This includes biological and chemical resistance, the absence of corners and edges and ease of cleaning. This is achieved, for example, through a high surface quality as well as a smooth surface structure which means that particles cannot adhere to the surfaces from the outset.

Wall installation and the stainless steel enclosure in AISI 316L with a covered sealing system provide added security. Furthermore, a locked switch prevents the connector from being inadvertently pulled out under load. The sockets are available in different versions. Starting with the single or duplex sockets with a current rating of 16 A and/or 32 A through to a four-gang socket panel for wall installation. The socket outlets are, of course, available in different voltage ranges. Certificates for ATEX, IECEx and North America enable worldwide use.

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