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Our Manifesto

We live in a world in which people strive to the limits of their endurance and the competition for resources and innovations bears ever greater risks. Our mission is to make this fast-paced progress as safe as possible.

Our innovative solutions and long-serving components ensure safety not only in advanced production facilities, but also in the harshest locations.

In an industry subject to the rigorous strictures of standards and regulations, we respond with maximum flexibility and responsibility to new challenges. Our competent after-sales service takes care of all our customers’ needs. Wherever, whenever. In situations where speed and safety play a vital role in protecting people and nature, there is no room for error.

This is why we are always the first choice in projects in which second chances are not an option.


Our Vision

We aim for sustainable and profitable growth and thus an interminable development in our core company values. We therefore continuously develop our existing product and service portfolio in accordance to the needs of our customers and expand our presence in developing demographies. This also includes scrupulous acquisitions to complement and broaden our competencies reasonably. Based on a strong portfolio of products and services, we wish to generate proceeds within all of our businesses and customer industries, independent of the developments in the individual markets. In order to achieve this, we strive hard to establish further diversification of our customer base as well as competitive cost structures.