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Our explosion protection products and solutions

R. STAHL is a global brand with a rich experience for many decades. We are the world leaders in explosion protection and system safety. From individual products to complete system solutions and services, we have it all: We offer explosion protection and safety technology in all forms, be it LED lighting, control boxes, signalling devices or monitoring equipment, and lots more.

We capitalise on our many years of experience to achieve outstanding quality and impressive workmanship, always using the most advanced technologies that will stand the test of time. In this way, we provide our customers with much more than just exceptional safety – we also offer solutions that provide a great ROI. And hence, our customers will be able to hold their own against the competition in the long term. Our expertise encompasses the oil and gas industries, chemical, pharmaceutical and shipbuilding industries.

Your global partner with production facilities across the world

An intrinsic part of explosion protection is guaranteeing the health and safety of the people. When it comes to matters as important as this, exceptional quality is simply not optional. With subsidiaries in 21 countries, seven production sites and branches in over 50 locations worldwide, R. STAHL has an international presence to back this up.

In addition to a global presence, as a traditional German company, our products and solutions are manufactured, complying with the most stringent quality standards. Our products are certified by international standards, such as ATEX, NEC or IECEx.

This means that wherever you need our explosion protection, your local R.STAHL contact partner will provide you with exactly the products and solutions you need to fulfil your requirements, along with the necessary certification.