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Explosion protection – an attractive growth market for specialists

Since 2006, R. STAHL has narrowed the focus of its activities and its approximately 1,700 employees to one key field: explosion protection. The decision to concentrate the company's efforts on a single area was based on its unique expertise in this area, and has resulted in it becoming one of the world's top technology suppliers. R. STAHL has subsidiaries in 21 countries, as well as branches in more than 50 locations worldwide. The corporate central functions are based at the headquarters in Waldenburg in the south of Germany.


In the chemical and petrochemical industries, crude oil and natural gas extraction and other industries, gases, vapours, mist and dust are generated during the production processes, when these mix with the oxygen in the air, it creates an explosive atmosphere and ignition may result in catastrophic damage such as damage to people, plant and machinery.

R. STAHL develops, produces and supplies products and systems designed to protect people, machinery and the environment from these explosions. Standardised solutions for projects across the globe are engineered at the international production sites in close collaboration with the customer.

R. STAHL's comprehensive portfolio comprises around 7,000 standard components for use in the following fields:

  • Automation technology
  • Installation technology
  • Control system construction
  • HMI and camera systems
  • Lighting
  • Signalling devices and alarms

R. STAHL also shares its unique expertise every year through frequent training sessions and seminars exploring the field of explosion protection. These are open not only to our customers but also to other interested companies.

R. STAHL generates added value for its customers by coupling a comprehensive product portfolio with expert engineering and consultation services. With its unrivalled custom system solutions, R. STAHL is a one-stop shop for its clients all over the world.


R. STAHL supplies customers all over the world, primarily from oil and gas industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, special-purpose shipbuilding, and other industries such as food and beverage industry.

Individual market requirements:

  • Explosion protection and safety technology are becoming ever more important due to the increasing use of electronic equipment in the everyday working environment.
    → R. STAHL offers in-depth expertise and a comprehensive portfolio.
  • Substantial barriers to market entry due to market regulation. 
    → Its notable expertise when it comes to certification means that R. STAHL achieves excellent long-term customer retention rates.
  • The USA's NEC standard is gradually replaced due to a market opening for IEC-based technology.
    → Expert in IEC standards, R. STAHL could largely conquer this newly developed market potential.

Specific areas of market potential:

  • As the world's energy requirements continue to grow, so, too, so does the need for explosion protection, as these requirements are met by natural gas and crude oil. 
    → As a global supplier with a portfolio range that specialises in just this, R. STAHL has exactly what is needed.
  • Explosions in various countries have prompted governments to introduce higher safety standards and tougher explosion protection laws and regulations. 
    → Offering consultation services and products, R. STAHL helps its customers protect both people and systems hardware.
  • The growing world population has lead to an increasing demand for food which has largely contributed to the growth of food and beverage industires. 
    → R. STAHL provides dust explosion protection solutions for these applications, thereby catering to the needs.
  • The ageing population coupled with consumers' increasing health consciousness is driving up demand in pharmaceutical industries. 
    → R. STAHL has developed specific products and solutions for this industry to suit the dynamic requirements.