Linear Luminaire with LED EXLUX Series 6002/4

Linear Luminaire with LED EXLUX Series 6002/4

The linear luminaire with Series 6002/4 LED is ideal for lighting surfaces at a mounting height of up to 10 m. It can also be used to illuminate equipment and objects, both inside and outside. The pole mounting sleeve accessory can be used to easily mount the luminaire on poles. Optionally, the luminaire can be equipped with addressable equipment. It can be used to control and monitor the luminaire for the common battery systems.

  • The latest LED technology with a high luminous efficacy and a long service life
  • Extremely high luminaire efficacy
  • Luminous flux after 100,000 h still 90% of the starting luminous flux
  • Optionally with DALI for controlling and monitoring the luminaire
  • Optionally addressable for direct actuation of a common battery system

Filter product lines

Zone Filter
Degree of protection IP (IEC 60598)
AC rated operational voltage
Frequency range
Number of lamps
Lamp wattage
Light colour
Min. ambient temperature
Max. ambient temperature
Enclosure material
Installed terminal strip
Max.solid connection terminals
Type of connection cable
Disconnection of the luminaire
Escape sign
Through wiring
Drilled holes

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