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Socket outlet assemblies

Socket distributors for temporary use
R. STAHL's socket distributors for wall mounting are the ideal choice when mobile electrical equipment has to be temporarily used in production areas with clean room classification. The wide variety of different combinations allows the socket distributors to be individually configured for your specific application. This way, we ensure that your connections are safe and are always suitable for your situation.

The wall-mounted socket distributors from series 8150/5-V88 have been developed for all applications in which particle contamination can affect the quality, purity or service life of a product. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry an excessive particle content limits the purity of medication, while in the semiconductor industry particles can shorten the service life of components such as chips, LEDs or touchscreens. Other fields include the optical industry (production of lenses and microscopes), the food industry, and the life science and laboratory sectors. With their clear structure and hygienic design, the socket distributors can be installed flush with the wall in the aforementioned areas according to the necessary classification. We equip all distributors with flange sockets of the following current levels to cater to your exact requirements: 16 A for extra-low voltage up to 50 V in the two- or three-pole version, 16 A in the three-, four- or five-pole version up to 690 V or 32 A in the four- or five-pole version up to 690 V.

Make sure that you also take a look at our ORCA panel PCs/thin client operator stations:
The ORCA operating devices are specially developed for environments in the process industry. The panel-mount devices have full IP66 protection, doing away with the need for an additional enclosure. Our ORCA operator stations have an easy-to-clean V2A stainless steel enclosure, also IP66, with V4A available on request. This is easily accessible via the front door with a GMP gasket which is suitable for use in clean rooms. This means that the operating devices can be used in clean rooms up to class C.

  • Mounting flush with the wall with a hygienic design
  • Stainless steel enclosure in AISI 316L with a covered double sealing system
  • A locked switch prevents the connector from being inadvertently pulled out under load
  • Versions with single or dual sockets or up to four extra-low-voltage connectors
  • Current levels of 16 A and/or 32 A

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