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Remote I/O for explosion protection of paint shops

Cost-effective yet sophisticated solution with PROFINET

Field stations with Remote I/O solutions from R. STAHL have been in use in vehicle & automotive paint shops for many years. One example is a leading manufacturer in the US automotive industry. Specialised in electric vehicles, the manufacturer uses Remote I/O to control ink supply in the color mixing room that is classified as Class 1, Division 1 hazardous location acc. to US NEC 500. Although this roughly corresponds to the ATEX or IECEx classification of a Zone 1, it requires additional specific US approvals. As PROFINET technology for signal transmission has become established in the automotive industry, the decision was made to use the R. STAHL Remote I/O System IS1+. This Remote I/O system perfectly combines both explosion protection and PROFINET communication. The intrinsically safe system structure eliminates the need for "d" or "p" enclosures, ultimately saving space and cost. Risk has been decreased, and safety has been increased. All while keeping on top of explosion protection requirements.

Ex profinet class 1 division 1 R. STAHL

This customer has been relying on R. STAHL’s expertise for many years

In the past, the system integrator of the automotive paint shop opted for conventional safety technology with the R. STAHL I.S. isolator range ISpac. However, the implementation of Remote I / O IS1 + has been found to be much more effective due to the United States installation and its regulations. The Remote I/O IS1+ is easier to install and less expensive. Savings of 25% for engineering, installation and commissioning are not uncommon. This not only applies to the American Division 1, but has also been confirmed for installations according to ATEX or IECEx.

To demonstrate the value of IS1+ Remote I/O, R. STAHL provided a system for communication testing with PROFINET in advance. This convinced the system integrator of the proposed, new technical implementation. A simple system structure. High performance PROFINET integration. Facilitated system handling. These features made it possible to easily realize the customer's wishes after testing. And thus the desired result: an enthusiastic plant engineer and a satisfied customer.

All requirements fulfilled

Also additional requirements were handled by R. STAHL's system specialists for Division 1 Installations. Push buttons, switches and indicators were installed in the cabinet doors for local operation. These had intrinsically safe control via the Remote I/O.

In the automotive industry, significant emphasis is placed on detailed device and cable labelling. R. STAHL has many years of experience in this area and is familiar with the catalogue of requirements. The customer was also satisfied in this regard. Resulting in a perfect explosion protection solution for their needs.

R. STAHL has already successfully worked with system integrators for paint shops in numerous projects. Experience has shown that special requirements of end users must always be taken into account:

  • The paint shops should be operated with as few operating and maintenance personnel as possible. Here remote I/O solutions offer advantages, including remote maintenance and predictive diagnostics, decreasing risk and increasing safety.
  • Staff must be provided with detailed information about the ongoing process. This is ideal in combination with explosion-protected control and signaling devices. Or even combined with modern, Ethernet-capable operator terminals from R. STAHL
  • Suitability for future plant extensions also in hazardous locations. Easily implemented with the IS1+ Remote I/O system. The intrinsically safe system structure allows "hot-swap" and "hot-work" for all components. This eliminates less flexible "d" or "p" solutions.
  • Exterior equipment must have high solvent resistance because of possible external contamination. This is true, even if paint and solvent are handled within a closed process. Stainless steel housings and other components used by R. STAHL already meet these requirements as standard.

Numerous components for explosion protection of paint shops

R. STAHL doesn't just provide explosion-protected Zone 1 / Division 1 Remote I/O systems with PROFINET, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP or PROFIBUS DP communication or I.S. isolators. R. STAHL has also supplied many other products and solutions for paint shops in the past. For example, explosion-protected control stations with visualization panels, integrated control and signaling devices and linear luminaires with modern LED technology.