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LNG is on the rise – in more than one sense. LNG (liquefied natural gas) is currently the only market-ready, climate-friendly alternative to diesel for heavy-duty traffic and shipping. When used, it generates significantly lower emissions. Bio-LNG even achieves climate neutrality.

LNG is natural gas that liquefies as it deep-cools to -162 °C. When liquefied, the volume of natural gas is reduced by 600 times. This enables a lot to be stored in a single tank. As a result, trucks powered by LNG can achieve a range of up to 1500 km. In addition, large quantities of LNG can be transported over long distances using special ships. Tankers can be used to transport it to areas that are not yet supplied by a natural gas pipeline. In this way, LNG can ensure independence from pipeline gas. It is currently becoming more and more important. LNG is sure to be akey element in the energy mix, at least until energy demand can be fully met using renewable energy sources.

When producing, extracting and handling LNG, it is essential that safety measures are implemented. Since LNG is highly flammable, this includes suitable explosion protection, in particular. Hazardous areas can be found throughout the value creation chain. R. STAHL's explosion-protected products and systems guarantee safety at every stage of the process – from natural gas extraction and liquefaction, during transport and supply to engines, all the way to re-evaporation and supply to gas networks.


Cryogenic LNG is natural gas with a particularly high methane content. When it evaporates, it is extremely flammable. As a result, the entire value creation chain requires effective measures that help to prevent explosions and fires.

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LNG at the end consumer

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Protection needs a strong partner

For almost 100 years, R. STAHL has been setting trends in the field of safety solutions for hazardous areas. With a future-oriented outlook and customer-focused approach, we offer innovative products and integrated systems around the globe. We always put your needs, concepts and aims at the heart of what we do – including when working with liquefied natural gas (LNG). The advantages for our customers include:

  • Extensive, comprehensive explosion protection product range, including automation solutions, energy technology, lighting technology and maritime-specific, vibration-resistant products for the entire LNG value chain, tailor-made to our customers' exact specifications.
  • Products and systems that can be used in extreme circumstances and withstand the harshest ambient conditions.
  • Modern, long-term solutions for a lasting competitive edge. 
  • Outstandingly high-quality products for which R. STAHL is known, which correspond to the latest standards and have been granted sector-specific certificates.
  • First-class quality management from the initial product concept to production and even beyond, to maintenance. Globally consistent quality standards, regardless of production location, are standard practice at R. STAHL.
  • Collaboration with experts dedicated to innovation and advancement. After all, we work on the technology of the future in international committees and research groups.




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