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miniCON plug connectors: Simple, safe disconnection in seconds
The miniCON plug connectors from R. STAHL separate intrinsically safe signals and connection lines with increased safety in hazardous areas within Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 quickly and safely, even under load. With patented one-handed operation, you can keep all connections safely in hand. Users can reliably distinguish between different applications using three coding options.

With a high transfer rate of 1 GBit/s, this plug connector system from R. STAHL is ideally suited for all fieldbus installations. You can use miniCON connectors in instrumentation and control systems to connect actuators and sensors, or to connect motors, pumps and other electrical equipment with a current consumption of up to 16 A – all in next to no time. The plug connectors feature a compact design and the electrical lines are crimped or soldered to establish a reliable connection. Versions with prefabricated electrical lines are available for installation in enclosures. The products in the 8595/1 series are available in different materials in the form of device plugs, flange sockets and connectors or couplings. This innovative technology allows electrical connections to be connected and disconnected for installation and maintenance work in Zone 1/21, even on non-intrinsically safe circuits in operation thanks to the hot swap feature, without having to disconnect them from the power supply and without needing a hot work permit.

  • Material: Polyamide or stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Max. 8-pole (7P+PE)
  • Up to 500 V / 16 A
  • IP66/IP68: Suitable for use in harsh industrial environments

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