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Explosion-protected, durable, low maintenance

Machine control systems fulfil varied and complex requirements, primarily in oil and gas, pharmaceuticaland chemical industries as well as in machine building. In addition to providing the desired functionality, they should be durable, low-maintenance and suitable for use globally.

R. STAHL provides various design-related explosion protection such as flameproof enclosures, intrinsic safety and pressurised enclosures. We plan and produce the entire range of Ex solutions for use in different zone and class applications, and combine all types of explosion protection technologies. You receive a customised control system which is precisely designed for your specific needs, thanks to our flexible range of enclosures.


    • Complete product range through the design of customer-specific solutions.
    • Project engineering, production and commissioning of switchgear cabinets and control cabinets from a single source.
    • Combination of all types of explosion protection technologies.
    • Globally accredited numerous international certificates.
    • Guaranteed explosion protection for high-performance built-in components with large dissipation of heat loss..
    • Robust enclosure versions and seawater-resistant enclosure for extreme temperatures ranging from -60 °C to +70 °C.

      Integrated engineering

      The project engineering and assembly of explosion-protected control and distribution systems require considerable experience and careful consideration of all design and production processes. Based on the customer's technical documents (circuit diagrams, specifications for intrinsically safe electrical circuits, wiring of incoming and outgoing lines, etc.), the experts at R. STAHL will develop a technically error-free and cost-effective solution. By doing so, we will take into account national and international specifications and standards such as DIN VDE 0100, IEC/EN 60204-1 and IEC/EN 61439-1. In addition, R. STAHL has certificates that authorise companies to build explosion-protected switching and distribution systems for all standard applications.

      Right from the project engineering phase, we communicate with our customers' systems and use the information they store. You will see your solutions at work in your own system, and have the corresponding data at your disposal, ready for further use. This has clear advantages: No duplicate work, no transmission errors, a reduction in documentation work and early detection of logic errors.

      We will also take the current environmental influences (ambient temperature, corrosion resistance, indoor or outdoor mounting, etc.) of your system, as well as space requirements (enclosure dimensions) and the desired mounting type (free-standing or wall-mounted) into account when designing your individual machine control system.

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