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Corporate Governance

R. STAHL Group's parent company is R. STAHL Aktiengesellschaft. It is subject to German law and is run according to the two-tier system, with both an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board.

The Executive Board of R. STAHL AG is composed of two members. The Executive Board has sole responsibility of managing the company and running the businesses. It decides on strategy, agrees it with the Supervisory Board and implements it effectively. The Supervisory Board consists of nine members who monitor and advise the Executive Board.

l. to r. Bernd Marx, Clife Hermanowski, Martin Schomaker, Klaus Jäger, Jonathan Peaurt

The Executive Board of R. STAHL

R. STAHL's Executive Board is made up of Dr. Mathias Hallmann, Chief Executive Officer, as well as Bernd Marx.



Dr. Mathias Hallmann

Dr. Mathias Hallmann

Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering

Born in 1962

With R. STAHL since 2017

Member of the Executive Board since 2017

Responsible for: Sales/Marketing, Technology/Production, Quality Management, Product Management, Human Resources, Internal Auditing and Risk Management.

Bernd Marx

Bernd Marx

Diploma Degree in Business Administration

Born in 1963

With R. STAHL since 2004

Member of the Executive Board since 2013

Responsible for: Controlling, Finance, IT, Legal and Compliance, Investor Relations and M&A.

The Supervisory Board of R. STAHL

R. STAHL's Supervisory Board, which is composed in accordance with Germany's One-Third Participation Act (DrittelbG), consists of six shareholder representatives and three employee representatives. At least three of the six shareholder representatives are part of the families that founded the company. The role of the Supervisory Board at R. STAHL is to appoint the company's Executive Board, monitor it as it runs the company and advise it as needed. Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Heiko Stallboerger.