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R. STAHL: Managers' Transactions

Managers' Transactions

On 3rd July 2016, the European Market Abuse Regulation came into force. The scope of the requirements with regard to managers' transactions (formerly "directors' dealings") has been broadened considerably. In accordance with art. 19 of the Market Misuse Regulation, persons who perform a managerial role for a share issuer must inform the issuer and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority within 3 working days of any own-account transactions involving shares from the issuer or related financial instruments, especially derivative financial instruments. The same obligation applies to natural and legal persons, having a close connection to such a person.

This obligation to disclose own-account transactions does not apply if the total sum of transactions for a person performing a managerial role and the person closely connected to this person amounts to less than €5,000 by the end of the calendar year.

Disclosure of transactions by managerial staff from 3rd July 2016 in accordance with art. 19 of the Market Abuse Regulation.

Information on transactions of persons who have management functions pursuant to § 15a WpHG

Notifying partySell or BuyDateLink
Hans-Volker StahlSell13.02.2014PDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell12.02.2014PDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell27.01.2014PDF (66 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell22.01.2014aPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell22.01.2014bPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell08.01.2014PDF (66 KB)
Peter LeischnerBuy19.12.2013PDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell01.11.2013aPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell01.11.2013bPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell01.11.2013cPDF (66 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell29.10.2013aPDF (66 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell29.10.2013bPDF (67 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell29.10.2013cPDF (66 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell23.10.2013aPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell23.10.2013bPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell23.10.2013cPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell21.10.2013aPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell21.10.2013bPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell21.10.2013cPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell15.10.2013aPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell15.10.2013bPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell15.10.2013cPDF (65 KB)
Hans-Volker StahlSell15.10.2013dPDF (65 KB)