Ex corporate responsibility sustainability R. STAHL



Our modern way of life would not be possible without fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas and their industrial use. However, if not done with appropriate precautions, the extraction and further processing of these raw materials could result in life-threatening risks for both people and ecosystems. The same applies to many other combustible gases, liquids and dusts.

R. STAHL designs its products and solutions with the sole aim of preventing explosions and minimising the potential risks associated with the production and processing of combustible gases, liquids and dusts. This enables us to protect people, plant and the environment. We also feel committed to this claim when structuring our internal processes and actions. We ensure that we act according to environmental, social and corporate standards. We place great emphasis on respecting the environment and on maintaining good relationships with our stakeholders, notably our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and shareholders.