Application-specific LED tubular light fittings with reduced blue content

Targeted shift in the light spectrum

Ex application specific LED tubular luminaire R. STAHL

In its competence center for luminaires, R. STAHL works on the development of modern LED light fittings for all industry sectors and hazardous areas. The focus is increasingly put on special production and application conditions, which require lighting solutions with a modified colour spectrum. For certain fields of application in the pharmaceutical industry and in photo development, where a high blue content in light might compromise the quality of the products, R.STAHL offers durable, maintenance-free alternatives in the product portfolio, e.g. LED tubular light fittings series 6036. Through targeted conversion of the emission spectrum of the LEDs, R.STAHL produces light fitting variants with a very low colour temperature of about 1,700 K. With such a minimized blue content, they achieve twice as much efficiency as filtered fluorescent lamps. The light, which is shifted spectrally into the yellow, preserves a certain colour rendering, so that colour differences and contrasts remain clearly visible. The radiation angle can be varied as required by means of an integrated diffuser or 20° optics.

With a luminous efficacy of 55 lm/W at a luminous flux of up to 4,000 lm, these energy-efficient light fitting variants are also suitable for replacing conventional sodium vapour lamps and remain reliably operational even in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -55 °C up to +60 °C. The light fitting series 6036 in degree of protection IP66/68 is designed for type of protection Ex d and has a very sturdy design with an impact strength of IK 10. The LED tubular light fitting, available in different lengths, 75 cm, 110 cm and 140 cm, achieve a service life of up to 100,000 h and, with max. 2.45 kg, weigh less than half as much as conventional linear luminaires.

Due to the compact dimension, the devices, which are perfectly suited for general lighting, may also be applied as machine lights or in places that are hard to access. Comprehensive certifications ensure worldwide use in Ex-protection Zones 1/21 and 2/22, in the maritime sector and in mining according to device group 1.


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