EHEDG and GMP-compliant operator stations for installation in cleanrooms

Operating technology in its purest form

Ex hmi system R. STAHL

R. STAHL have developed a GMP-compliant version of their operating and visualisation systems on the basis of the MANTA hardware platform, for installation in hygienically sensitive areas under cleanroom conditions. The new MANTA GMP for cleanrooms of cleanliness class C is available in two versions – as Thin client and as Panel PC – for remote access to distributed control systems from the safe area.

The operator stations meet the construction requirements for cleanroom-compliance according to EHEDG and the EU-GMP. They can be safely used outside of sterile rooms in laboratories and sensitive production areas in the pharmaceutical and food industries, in the fine chemical industry and in semiconductor technology, in precision engineering and optics.

Their abrasion-proof surfaces made of brushed stainless steel with a surface roughness of less than 6 µm have been designed and assembled in such a way that no gaps, seams or inaccessible corners impede cleaning. For the effective all-round prevention of dust deposits and germ formation, the screw connections in particular were realized strictly according to the EHEDG recommendations. The smoothly integrated multi-touch glass display with 24" widescreen format and full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with conventional cleaners and solvents. IP66 both at the back and front mean the HMIs can also be hosed down with powerful water jets.

The material mix of a conductive stainless-steel enclosure together with dissipating front materials prevents particles deposits due to static charge. The integrated, fanless central processing unit with a fast dual-core processor in connection with dual Ethernet and the new industrial-grade Thin client firmware ensures optimum connection to all control systems. For accessibility from all sides, R. STAHL also offers the MANTA GMP as a detached version with mobile stand, and, as an option, will also integrate keyboard, RFID reader, loudspeakers or barcode scanners, as well as other accessories.

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