EXpressure – Double wing door cabinets in Ex d by R. STAHL

R. STAHL now also uses the EXpressure technology in cabinets with two door panels, which ensures faster and more flexible engineering in hazardous areas

Ex double doors expressure R. STAHL

R. STAHL has expanded their innovative Ex d cabinet series EXpressure to a double winged door version. The cabinet now can be fully opened even in restricted spaces and ensures free access to escape and rescue routes. EXpressure makes it possible for the first time to use lightweight thin-walled explosion-protected cabinets with an easily accessible, undivided interior. This provides enough installation space even for transformers and frequency converters. EXpressure cabinets can provide exactly the same installation volume as many conventional industrial cabinets and control boxes. This is why the layout of electrical control systems and distribution systems in hazardous areas can often be adopted without any additional engineering.

The double-winged doors with centre bar is designed so that the door frame and bar can be easily removed. This makes equipping and installation easier and simplifies connection and maintenance work. The mounting plates can also be fully removed from the cabinets.

EXpressure cabinets are certified as type of protection "Ex d flameproof enclosure", but have a completely new design: They are equipped with special stainless steel wire meshes in the walls through which pressure flows in the event of an explosion. This means that the pressure is safely released to the environment and the internal increase in pressure is limited to under 1 bar. Outside fixed bursting disks protect the inside of the cabinet against dust and moisture in accordance with IP66. Technology leader R. STAHL currently offers four EXpressure cabinet models with dimensions from 300 x 400 x 200 mm to 1000 x 1400 x 700 mm.

Experience the EXpressure technology first hand. Watch the informative video here.

More information you also find in our flyer "EXpressure - the revolutionary technology for cabinets".


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