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Ex hmi new firmware R. STAHL

With the faster adoption of IoT, many industries including healthcare and government have rapidly started to reap benefits from Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things) on thin client devices.  R. STAHL's EXICOM series 500 Thin Clients made for superior performance are fast gaining momentum for their many intelligent functions with the introduction of the latest firmware release V6. The industrial-grade Remote HMI firmware, based on Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) is made for efficient connectivity, security and manageability. It is designed with rich user interface and based on many years of experience. The firmware has a protected kiosk mode where user rights are restricted. The access to the operating system is barred. Its highly secure against threats and unauthorized access also including a filter that can be used to limit access to the USB port to defined storage media and other specific devices. Users can only access normal settings as well as apps specially set up for them, such as Citrix clients, ERP or CCTV systems.

A completely new feature of the latest firmware is the simultaneous display of multiple sessions: it is possible, for example, to simultaneously access the control system and the ERP system, either in split-screen mode on the same screen or in dual-monitor systems. For apps and functions that are frequently used, the user interface will suggest one-touch shortcuts. All other functions are easily accessible via clearly structured menus.

It is bound to delight the users with ease-of-use as the firmware guarantees the smooth integration of all major control systems. It provides also comfortable remote access to virtual machines, Cloud and IoT applications. For reliable failure protection and non-stop availability, the Remote protocols RDP, VNC and KVM over IP feature an immediate re-connect as well as the redundant safety with dual Ethernet. The firmware user interface adapts to different-sized displays as well as landscape / portrait formats. Virtual keyboards with various fonts are available for data input. Stability and progressive compatibility of the firmware is ensured by Microsoft's operating system security updates for an efficient and continuous digital experience guaranteed for ten years.


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