Innovative Ex d cabinets with a improved installation capacity

In cabinets with innovative R. STAHL EXpressure technology, gas-permeable, multi-layer metal mesh in the side walls safely reduces explosive energy

Ex d cabinets R. STAHL

R. STAHL presents the new, unique EXpressure cabinets at ACHEMA 2018. EXpressure has an optimised wall thickness of 2 mm, therefore it is an extremely lightweight and spacious Ex d solution. Entirely new methods is best suitable to set up Ex d controlling panels and power distribution boards for Zone 1 and Zone 2. It is effortless to install transformers and frequency converters in the EXpressure cabinet. Using the "EXpressure" technology, complex electrical control and distribution boards that had previously been distributed to several smaller Ex d enclosures can now be completely mounted and wired in a single large cabinet. Accessibility is exponentially improved for inspection and maintenance. That provide customers lower operating costs.

EXpressure uses pressure relief elements made of fine stainless steel wire, that is interwoven to create a multi-layer mesh design. The metal mesh is gas-permeable, yet reliably prevents ignition during explosions. It also conducts minimal heat, therefore the temperature of the outer surfaces remains below the limit value for the T5 temperature class. The pressure relief elements are highly efficient at reducing the released energy. The measured peak pressure in the new enclosures is much lower than 1 bar. This is in contrast to conventional solid Ex d cabinets with walls up to 30 mm thick, and have a peak pressure of approximately 10 bar.

The EU EC Type Examination Certificates stipulated by ATEX are already available for the first four sizes of the new R. STAHL 8280 empty enclosure and cabinet series with ATEX Ex db eb ia and IECEx Ex db eb ia sb certifications. The dimension of the largest EXpressure Ex d cabinet is 1000 x 1400 x 700 mm (width x height x depth) and has a volume of 980 litres. These stainless steel cabinets are ideal for use in an ambient temperature range from -40 °C to + 60 °C and are corrosion-resistant and have a high degree of protection of IP66.


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