Lighter Ex d enclosure, thanks to pressure a relief feature

EXpressure technology replaces the conventional Ex d ab type of protection

Ex expressure product overview R. STAHL

The new R. STAHL EXpressure technology safely dissipates explosion pressure in control boxes, power distribution boards and other enclosures via flow channels in multi-layer stainless steel wire clothes. The controlled gas flow and heat absorption through special wire cloth elements reduce the internal pressure increase, that occurs after an explosion in the enclosure by several orders of magnitude compared to conventional Ex d enclosures. If explosion pressure increases of 7 bar to 12 bar have to be contained in a conventional flameproof enclosure, the maximum inner pressure in an EXpressure enclosure is substantially less than 1 bar! If previously, a wall thickness of 10 to 20 mm was required, EXpressure enclosures can do the same thing with walls that are approx. 3 mm thick.

EXpressure is certified as an "Ex d flameproof enclosure" and therefore is suitable for most applications in gas hazardous areas. The novel design enables quick and easy project engineering and setup of explosion-protected control systems and distribution boards. Instead of distributing the overall electrical function to several small and thick-walled flameproof enclosures that have to be connected to each other using complex technologies, a single large flameproof installation space is sufficient for the whole control system or distribution board. Existing engineered solutions from the safe area can be taken over directly without significant modifications for the Ex applications. The internal wiring is clearly arranged, and accessibility is drastically improved for inspection and maintenance purposes. This will also facilitate subsequent changes and additions to the control systems and distribution boards without significant alterations. Large equipment such as frequency transmitters could previously not be equipped for use in hazardous areas or could only be equipped for use in these areas with great technical effort. This equipment is now available in large EXpressure enclosures.

The compact construction design of EXpressure enclosures makes significantly lighter and slimmer solutions possible. These result in savings of approx. 30 to 50 % in weight and 25 % in outer dimensions when compared to conventional switchgear and controlgear assemblies. On the other hand, it is now also possible to build flameproof cabinets of very large design sizes, which are well-known from the industrial safety sector. Consistent use of stainless steel ensures a high level of corrosion resistance, while the pressure relief elements have rupture disks that protect them from ambient influences (IP66).

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