Lighting design – competent, complete and cost-effictive

R. STAHL offers cost-efficient design of illumination and emergency lighting pursuant to the standards

Ex competent lighting design R. STAHL

It is obligatory to illuminate workplaces sufficiently and thoroughly and, R. STAHL provides lighting design that complies with all relevant national and international laws, standards and directives. The expert in explosion protection with an own competence centre for luminaires and a wide luminaire portfolio, is continuously developing lighting concepts for Ex and non-Ex areas present at industrial and commercial facilities. Interior and exterior areas are illuminated pursuant to the spatial geometry, customer's requirements and the usage pattern. This way, systematic planning errors, which are quite expensive when several thousand luminaires have to be installed can be eliminated. Rather, a high investment security is achieved.

To ensure optimum illumination of premises and workplaces – even in case of emergency lighting – R. STAHL takes all influencing factors into account: type of lamp, illuminance, light colour, efficiency, as well as the number, position and orientation of the luminaires. The degree of pollution in the specific application, as well as the maintenance requirement, are also considered by the designs.

R. STAHL prepares cost-efficient concepts and if required, supports the customers during commissioning, while also offering full maintenance service. EzyLum, the R. STAHL planning tool, is available to customers free of charge. From the available 2D data, the software generates a 3D model, which takes the position, size and the shadowing or reflecting effects of walls or objects into account. Furthermore, the light distribution is visualized in photo-realistic images so that, areas that are too dark can be easily detected.

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