New EXLUX luminaires with optimised luminous efficacy

The LED linear luminaires are even more energy efficient

Ex EXLUX linear luminaire 6002 R. STAHL

Global explosion protection specialists, R. STAHL, launches the new generation of EXLUX linear luminaires for use in Zones 1/21 and 2/22, anywhere in the world. The 6002/4 series models boast state-of-the-art LED technology, optimised energy efficiency and outstanding service life. Although the previous generation was efficient, these latest models are geared to surpass their predecessors, achieving 115 lm/W luminous efficacy with a diffusor and 145 lm/W luminous efficacy without a diffusor. The luminaires' power consumption has also been further reduced: 22 W for the 700 mm-long version and 42 W for the 1310 mm-long version. Energy costs with these luminaires are around 40% less than with conventional fluorescent lamps.

The standardised design and functionality of the new EXLUX units makes upgrading existing lighting systems much simpler thereby making the EXLUX models the most ideal choice for customers wishing to switch to modern LED technology with optional DALI integration. They offer excellent service-life quality coupled with outstanding reliability and minimal maintenance. Even when they reach 100,000 operating hours, 90% of the original luminous flux is still guaranteed.

For general lighting applications, R. STAHL's EXLUX 6002/4 series comes with neutral white light as a standard; alternatively, it is also available in warm white or cold white light. In addition to these variants, which all achieve CRI values of more than 80, R. STAHL also offers EXLUX 6002/4 versions with yellow light. To minimise dazzling, the luminance has been more than halved compared to the first EXLUX generation.

Furthermore the appliance features a classic design with a sleek, low-profile GRP enclosure. It is incredibly lightweight compared to equivalent products on the market, yet it is exceptionally robust (IK10) and has IP66/67-rated protection. The ATEX- and IECEx-certified EXLUX 6002/4 series luminaires are perfect for illuminating spaces and equipment both indoors and outdoors, and are able to withstand ambient temperatures between -40 °C and +60 °C. As part of its accessories range, R. STAHL offers a number of different brackets for added flexibility when it comes to installation – ceiling-mounted, pendant and pole-mounted light fittings are all possible thanks to these accessories.


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