Standard-compliant Ex i proof from an expert supplier

R. STAHL issues professional, standard-compliant intrinsic safety certificates as a contractual service

Ex normgerechter ex i Nachweis R. STAHL

The explosion protection experts at R. STAHL support planners and plant operators when obtaining proof of intrinsic safety for installations in hazardous areas. The protective principle of intrinsic safety (Ex i) is that all voltages, currents and powers in an electrical circuit are limited to values that cannot lead to the formation of sparks that could cause ignition or to impermissibly high surface temperatures. This type of protection, which is the preferred option for safeguarding signal and data transmission, guarantees high levels of safety and enables especially practical handling via hot work and hot swap access in ongoing operation.

The installation regulations set out in DIN EN 60079-14 are binding in order to prove intrinsic safety. In accordance with this standard, all connected equipment, as well as their interconnections and interactions, including connecting lines and clamping units, must be assessed and documented. For consumers with effective inductances and capacitances, interconnected equipment from different manufacturers or electrical circuits with multiple sources, in particular, it can be difficult to perform the calculations required in order to obtain proof. To save plant operators the time-consuming work of obtaining proof and the associated liability, they can contract R. STAHL to obtain and document proof.

In order to calculate the permissible maximum values and produce standard-compliant proof, the following information is required: Device data, data sheets for field devices and isolators, circuit diagrams, ATEX certificates, IECEx certificates, other valid certificates, operating instructions and rating plate data. If required, the explosion protection specialists will determine any key data that is unavailable and, upon request, create a complete on-site assessment. What's more, R. STAHL's training programme includes specialised technical seminars on the topic of intrinsic safety, including the mandatory proof and documentation obligations.

Play it safe, intrinsically safe!


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