Robust series-6036 LED tubular light fitting for hazardous areas takes the smart approach

New iteration with an even greater focus on sustainability

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While R. STAHL's series-6036 LED tubular light fitting has managed to hold firm against even the harshest of conditions over the years, the latest iteration raises the bar even higher: For operating companies from process industries such as the chemical industry or the renewables sector, 100,000 operating hours at ambient temperatures of around +60 °C means massive savings when it comes to lighting installation maintenance – this applies to both general lighting and machine lights. And with a rated temperature range spanning -55 to +70 °C, this luminaire is incredibly versatile. We've kept the low weight (< 2.5 kg), high vibration resistance and high IP rating (IP66, IP67 or IP68), but we've added some fantastic new features such as the option to make your luminaire a smart light with DALI technology. The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) system enables you to digitally network, switch, control and monitor both individual luminaires and entire lighting systems. A variety of different emergency lighting scenarios can be configured very easily by means of a central battery system in conjunction with an address module in the tubular light fitting. And an optional, second switching phase is very useful if you want to easily dim the light to 50%.

Correlated colour temperature (CCT) selection allows you to opt for a light that is kinder to the environment. So for instance, you could have a colour temperature of 2700 K with only a small blue light content. This is becoming increasingly important due in part to our growing awareness of the adverse effects that artificial light from industrial facilities has on animals, and in part to workplace health and safety requirements, which reflect growing concerns about the negative impact of artificial lighting on humans' circadian rhythm. The German Social Accident Insurance association ("Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung", or "DGUV"), for example, recommends avoiding bright lights with a high blue light content in the evening or during late shifts and night shifts. Other colour temperatures available for series-6036/3 luminaires are 4000 K, 5000 K and 6500 K, with high colour rendering indices (CRI) of more than 80 and more than 90 for the 4000 K and 6500 K options respectively. Monochrome versions in blue, green, yellow and red are also available. It is important that LEDs do not flicker. In the interests of safety, a steady light source is crucial so that rotating machine and system parts are clearly visible to those in the vicinity.

Series-6036 LED tubular light fittings now come with integrated motion sensors. This further reduces the LED luminaires' already low power consumption. The new LEDs used in this latest model are more efficient than ever before: With a luminaire luminous flux of over 140 lumens per watt, it easily outshines its predecessor. Thanks to their low in-rush current, multiple luminaires can be connected to a single circuit breaker.

The luminaires have ATEX and IECEx certification covering Zone 1/21 and 2/22 hazardous areas, along with other certificates for a multitude of important markets: UL do Brasil, NEPSI, KTL, ISTI, DNV/GL (marine), UK CA and ECASEx (Middle East). EAC/TR CU and US approvals are also in the pipeline. For use in hydrogen plants, gas group IIC approvals are among the top priorities, but applications involving group IIIC dusts are also a possibility.

The extremely compact luminaires are available in four different lengths: 550 mm (12 W), 850 mm (22 W), 1150 mm (32 W) and 1450 mm (44 W); with their polycarbonate enclosure and an integrated interface for fall arrestor wires, they take knocks and even violent impacts in their stride. With these products, we offer a choice of cable lengths up to 50 m, along with longitudinally waterproof cables (SELV version up to 25 m). Prefabricated cables make the installation process quick, easy and inexpensive – all qualities that make the new tubular light fittings a smart choice for any industry with stringent safety requirements; they are ideal for onshore industries, the mining industry, and offshore and marine applications alike.

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