SolConeX plug and socket devices, new line 8572

Compact, smooth explosion-protected plug and socket devices

Ex SolConeX plugs R. STAHL

The expert in explosion protection R. STAHL presents a new line of very compact 3-pin plug and socket devices with AC-3-switching capacity up to 277 V/16 A. All three connecting components of line 8572 – wall socket, flange socket as well as a coupler – are compatible with the proven SolConeX installation technology. They furthermore feature an extreme  impact-protected and robust design, supported by the new enclosure materials. With their small footprint, the plug and socket devices are also suitable for direct installation in machines and devices. An integrated rotary-switch mechanism locks the plug and ensures secure connection and reliable disconnection and in parallel features a mechanical interlock for the plug.

As high quality plastics and sealing materials are used, the devices achieve high degree of protection IP66. Sealed plug pins and contacts reliably prevent ingress of dirt or water into the connection chamber, even when the plug is not connected. Hence, the new plug and socket devices may also be used in extreme conditions – for example in offshore and onshore areas, in other maritime applications or in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. Designed for a wide temperature range of -50 °C to +65 °C, they durably and reliably withstand even the most challenging climatic demands in Arctic regions or desert regions.

The new line can be applied for up to 3-pole connections and for the connection after isolating transformers. It is approved for operation in Ex-Zones 1/21 and 2/22.

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