Variable wireless networking in hazardous areas

R. STAHL supports the process industry with explosion-protected installed wireless technology for Wi-Fi networking in Zone 1 and 2

With comprehensive networking expertise at their side, R. STAHL enables the process industry to digitalise hazardous areas. In order to provide conventional wireless devices for use in hazardous areas, the explosion protection specialist offers tested and certified solutions for a range of wireless technologies that can be integrated into existing infrastructures with little effort.

When designing Wi-Fi and other wireless systems that can be managed uniformly and centrally, including in hazardous areas, all potential ignition hazards posed by wireless equipment must be circumvented using special protective measures. For this reason, R. STAHL equips conventional wireless devices for use in Zone 1/21 by installing them in flameproof enclosures so that they are explosion-protected. To realize safe, uncomplicated cabling, the enclosures feature a separate Ex e connection chamber. The tested units, which have been certified for wireless use around the world, also feature intrinsically safe bushings for connecting any desired industrially capable antenna. The HFisolators offered by R. STAHL from their 9730 series also guarantee optimum safety; as well as Wi-Fi, they support a wide range of additional wireless standards such as LTE, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, WirelessHART and ISA100.11a.

As a cost-effective alternative for Zone 2, the 9851 series features a new enclosure system with Ex nR type of protection and a separate connection chamber. This novel combination has enabled R. STAHL to reduce both the work required for assembly and the recurring work required for testing. In comparison with Ex d solutions, these enclosures are up to 70% lighter. In addition, they allow the installation of wireless modules that only have internal antennae, like many Wi-Fi or RFID readers.

Here you will find further information on the Wi-Fi enclosure system 9851network technology in hazardous areas and our current brochure.

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