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Remote I/O and Ethernet-APL – the key to your digital success story

For many years, remote I/O has been the preferred  solution for incorporating conventional sensors and actuators into digital networks. Our IS1+ Remote I/O system represents the benchmark for performance, versatility and reliability for years now. It doesn't matter whether you're designing a new system or would like to modernise an existing one – IS1+ is the perfect solution for you.

For use in hazardous areas of Zone 1, Zone 2 or Div 2, from connection to Ethernet networks via PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP through to seamless integration into asset management systems with HART-IP, OPC UA, FDI or FDT/DTM – (almost) anything is possible with IS1+! With the introduction of Ethernet-APL, our field switches now also support the new network standard, guaranteeing the highest bandwidths and lightning-fast transfer rates all the way to the field device. And to top it all off, installation is simple.

But that's not all! The future of automation is giving rise to new concepts like the NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA), the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) as well as the Module Type Package (MTP). New approaches are required for use in hazardous areas. And this is where IS1+ Extended I/O comes in. Where's the need to reinvent the wheel when our established remote I/O technology already offers integrated modularity and all the interfaces necessary to integrate field devices, particularly with the "intrinsic safety i" type of protection? The new, incredibly powerful processor generation in IS1+ also makes the system suitable for these new concepts.

Join us on the journey from remote I/O to extended I/O.

One assembly – countless possible applications: The extended versions of IS1+ CPU

The IS1+ CPU modules come in different versions for installation in Zone 1 (type 9442/32) or Zone 2 (type 9442/35). For installation in Zone 1, all interfaces are designed with the "intrinsic safety i" type of protection to achieve maximum flexibility during installation and in the event of any modifications or extensions.

Different CPU versions are available depending on the application at hand: When used as traditional remote I/O, CPU version 9442/3*-10-00 supports real-time PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU and TCP protocols (can be selected by the user), as well as OPC UA, HART-IP, FDI and FDT/DTM protocols for incorporation into plant asset management systems.

The following "open" versions are available for use as extended I/O:

  • 9442/3*-10-10 with IEC 61131 runtime (CODESYS), MTP-compatible
  • 9442/3*-10-20 with IEC 61499 runtime (UAO)
  • 9442/3*-10-40 open system (for e.g. OPAF)

The extended I/O versions only use Ethernet interfaces to communicate with other systems, typically via OPC UA. All modules of the IS1+ Remote I/O system can also be used with extended I/O.

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Ex Remote I/O-System Extended I/O R. STAHL

The benefits for you: IS1+ Extended I/O solutions

  • Use of proven-in-use hardware:
    IS1+ Remote I/O systems have been used around the world for 25 years.
  • Use of state-of-the-art, open automation concepts even in hazardous areas:
    IS1+ Extended I/O is available for Zone 2, Zone 1 and Class I Div 2.
  • Unrestricted choice of automation standards to be used:
    IS1+ Extended I/O supports open solutions based on IEC 61131 and IEC 61499.
  • Always up to date with the latest developments in "open systems":
    R. STAHL is a member of most committees and organisations: OPAF, NOA, UAO, MTP and COPA.
  • Try before you buy to find the ideal solution for you:
    All extended I/O solutions are also available as test systems for evaluation.

Application Examples Extended I/O

Ex Remote I/O-System Extended I/O MTP R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O-System Extended I/O UAO R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O-System Extended I/O OPA R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O-System Extended I/O COPA R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O-System Extended I/O NOA R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O-System Extended I/O Codesys R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O System Online Arena R. STAHL

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