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The future of industrial competition will be determined by digitalisation. All areas of industrial processes are developing new and more efficient solutions based on digital data processing.

Central to the role of digitalisation is Ethernet, wireless and other network technology. They ensure data transmission, control of processes, monitoring and optimisation for both mobile and stationary devices. With R. STAHL, you can experience explosion-protected products and solutions for Ethernet and wireless networksolutions in process plants.

R. STAHL overcomes the two challenges of networking. Both digital data transmission and explosion protection regulations are covered. Together with other well-known manufacturers, R. STAHL is working on the future standards of Ethernet. Technology in the field includes Advanced Physical Layers (APL) and intrinsically safe 4-wire Ethernet (100BASE-TX-IS). The aim is to offer products and services that combine reliable explosion protection of the high quality for which R. STAHL is known with simple, digital handling.


Seamlessly networked

Ex 4.0 digitalisation R. STAHL


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R. STAHL installations of radio-based networks in potentially explosive atmospheres come with many benefits. Reliable, high quality and state-of-the-art. Are you ready to use the latest WiFi access points and your own choice of network components in hazardous areas? The 9851 and 8265 enclosure systems, combined with an extensive modular system, enable a flexible solution in a short time. Result? A homogeneous network that is centrally administrable across companies.

Whether WiFi, WirelessHART, LoRa or the upcoming 5G – R. STAHL will find the best solution for any network requirements. The variety of projects that we have completed in hazardous areas with WiFi access points from Cisco, Aruba, Siemens and ProSoft are testaments to the versatility and expertise we offer.


Ex enclosure system 9851 Network Technology R. STAHL

Reliable networks.
WiFi solution for Zone 2.

Ex wlan access points Network Technology R. STAHL

For Ex Zone 1:
Your tailor-made WiFi

Ex camera systems Network Technology R. STAHL

Offshore Zone 1 - everything at a glance

Ex system solutions ethernet Network Technology R. STAHL

Painted in a network in the USA

Ex system solutions wirelesshart Network Technology R. STAHL

Wireless on the high seas

Ex power over ethernet Network Technology R. STAHL

Power over Ethernet? No problem.


In the course of using extensive network and Ethernet technology in the process industry, the IT experts of a company also have to deal with the complex topic of explosion protection. A variety of protection regulations, laws, standards and ordinances are required to prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres and ignition of these. Even an electromagnetic radiation of a radio signal needs to be considered.

One or more standardised types of protection are used for electrical and electronic devices. A specific selection will always depend on the type of hazardous area and the required application of the device. To create the perfect system, two things need to be in equilibrium with each other; explosion protection and network technology. With over 50 years of experience in the field of explosion protection for automation, as well as an extensive range of network products, R. STAHL is the ideal partner for these challenges.

Networked with ignition protection

Electrical devices for Ex areas can be designed with different types of protection. The function and type of each device determines which one is used.

Type of protection "i" | intrinsic safety

Intrinsically safe circuits do not allow dangerous sparks or thermal effects. Preventing the main causes of ignitions of explosive atmospheres. Electrical energy is limited in a fail-safe manner. Circuits can be connected or disconnected without switching off the power source.

Type of protection "e" | Increased safety

Special electro-mechanical measures are taken that prevent inadmissible or dangerously high temperatures and the generation of sparks inside or outside electrical equipment. Ignition sources are avoided in normal operation.

Type of protection "op pr" | Protected optical radiation

Laser sources, such as those used for signal transmission by means of optical fibers, are regarded as potential ignition sources. This type of protection ensures that potentially dangerous optical radiation is safely enclosed in optical fiber and connection technology.

Type of protection "op is" | Inherently safe optical radiation

Laser sources can be a risk of ignition, especially those used for optical signal transmission. This type of protection limits optical energy used to a non-hazardous level.

Type of protection "d" | Flameproof encapsulation

Devices that can ignite an explosive atmosphere are enclosed according to type of protection "d" in a housing that can withstand the pressure of an explosion inside. This prevents the explosion from being transmitted to the surrounding atmosphere.

Type of protection "nR" | Restricted breathing

nR housings are constructed in such a way that the penetration of explosive atmospheres is restricted. Based on simple construction method the tightness of the housing must be checked regularly.

You can find detailed information about explosion protection here.

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