Lighting design for calculated efficiency

R. STAHL's experienced lighting system designers use professional software to ascertain and visualise the optimal light distribution in the form of a 3D model

Ex light calculation efficiency R. STAHL

Offering bespoke concepts optimised to the customer's specific needs, R. STAHL engineers thoroughly dependable solutions for illuminating workspaces in accordance with EN 12464-1/-2. Our extensive expertise makes us particularly well placed to assist with the transition to energy-efficient, long-life LED technology. The design takes into account all the relevant parameters and adhering to strict requirements as set out in the workplace directive – especially illuminance, luminous efficacy and beam angle for uniform, glare-free illumination. And to maximise design freedom, it also considers other properties such as the Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT). The number, position and orientation of light fittings can be precisely tailored to the configuration of the space, user behaviour and the customer's requirements. Individual lighting design commissions for industrial applications can vary enormously in complexity, from solutions for a single work place through to large-scale emergency lighting systems and safety lighting.

Using 3D models in our own proprietary design software, we visualise the position and size of walls, fittings, fixtures, furnishings and any other equipment, and simulate shadows and reflections resulting from their location. These models can then be rendered to generate photorealistic images of the lighting scenery. Besides functional considerations, our lighting concepts are always developed with cost-effectiveness in mind. By choosing the best light fittings for the job and ensuring that they are ideally positioned, we can reduce the number of units required – and because you need fewer units you benefit from lower investment costs and a reduction in the amount of installation work required. R. STAHL also performs acceptance testing to ensure that the lighting meets the design specifications.


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