New pac-Carrier: Fast, safe integration of Ex i isolators

The pac-Carrier 9295 enables space-saving integration of the 12 mm ISpac Ex i isolators in the I/O level of the distributed control systems

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R. STAHL, the explosion protection expert, is now offering the pac-Carrier 9295 – a new, space-saving integration solution for the company's 12 mm ISpac Ex i isolators. This significantly simplifies the installation and wiring of isolators to I/O cards in automation systems from all manufacturers. Prefabricated connecting cables reduce the risk of wiring errors. At the same time, the installation time is reduced by up to 40% thanks to the tool-free mounting of the ISpac isolators.

This integration solution is particularly suited for projects involving a high number of channels. The new pac-Carriers are available in 8- and 16-slot versions, thereby enabling up to 32 signals to be connected. The variant with 8 slots is just 110 mm wide. Even an additional HART multiplexer coupling only requires 36 mm of extra space. The 16-slot version further increases the channel density.

The ISpac devices and the pac-Carriers are approved for use in Zone 2 and therefore ideal for seamless use in decentralised installations. The pac-Carrier can also be used for functional safety applications up to SIL 3. The design of the pac-Carrier stands out thanks to its robust, vibration-resistant construction. It is securely connected to the DIN rail or can be installed directly on a mounting plate. The engaged ISpac modules are secured on the pac-Carrier at two points. This guarantees excellent mechanical robustness, even in harsh industrial environments with strong vibrations. The complete solution is suitable for a wide temperature range that spans -40 °C to +70 °C, depending on the version.

A redundant connection to two 24 V DC power supplies, which improves availability, is optionally available. If one of the two supplies fails, uninterrupted operation of the ISpac modules is therefore guaranteed. A common error signalisation using LEDs, as well as remote alarming via a signalling contact, indicate if a supply path has failed or if a line fault, such as a wire breakage or short circuit, has occurred. This ensures that users are always kept up-to-date regarding the status of the ISpac modules currently in operation. Users retain optimum flexibility for the future, too – R. STAHL can adapt the pac-Carriers to new I/O modules or to unique, application-specific requirements if necessary.

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