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Configuration software for 9146, 9162, 9182 V3.04 zip
Configuration software for 9282 V1-0-4 zip
ISpac Wizard configuration software V3.04.00 zip
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ISpac isolators: Easy to connect, user-friendly
These isolating barriers provide galvanic separation when they integrate field devices in process systems into automation systems. R. STAHL's ISpac isolating barrier range is easy to use and boasts an impressive range of functions and a long service life.

The combination of pac-Bus and ISpac isolating repeater makes it incredibly easy to connect the auxiliary power supply and read error messages: All you need to do is snap the pac bus and the device onto the DIN rail and the wiring is complete; power is supplied via the DIN rail.

All ISpac isolating barriers for analogue signals can transmit HART signals. With a combination of isolators, HART multiplexers and termination boards, these signals can be efficiently transmitted to asset management systems.

Every aspect of our ISpac isolating barrier is designed with functional safety in mind. These products conform to SIL 2 and SIL 3, including devices with trip amplifier function.

  • Compact: Dual-channel modules for almost all functions
  • Time-saving system for wiring: pac-Bus
  • Broad range of applications: Can be used for SIL applications up to SIL 3
  • HART-capable

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