Ex Automation CCTV EC-951 Video Analysis R. STAHL




The video analysis technology in our PTZ cameras offers a high-quality solution for the preventive detection of hazardous situations in industrial, potentially explosive atmospheres. The object detection and tracking functions are the result of years of experience in this field. They enable users to react efficiently, swiftly and preventatively to dangerous situations in a production plant. Object recognition and tracking as well as the preconfigured alarm scenarios are fully automatic, thus practically eliminating human error that would otherwise be likely to result from hectic emergencies.

Selected functions in the field of video analysis technology

Appearing, entering leaving an area

According to the pre-configured settings, an alarm is triggered when the defined target object appears in a specific area. Likewise, an alarm and the corresponding alarm scenario will be triggered when the target enters or leaves a certain area.

Line Crossing

The Line Crossing function is a very precise monitoring option. With this function, you can define specific danger zone lines and each time a defined object crosses these lines, an alarm is triggered. Line Crossing can be used in indoor and outdoor areas. 



Application Examples 

Ex Automation CCTV Video Appearing Line Crossing PTZ-951 R. STAHL

Calibration & Detection Mask

By means of simple Calibration, all surveillance objects are divided into three categories: general objects, persons and vehicles. These are calibrated by criteria such as size. Based on the “size” criterion these targets will then trigger an alarm. The Detection Mask feature provides the option of deactivating object recognition for a specified area. 


All object tracking scenarios must have rules specified for them. Based on these rules, an alarm will be triggered and autotracking activated as soon as an object enters or exits an area. The Loitering function tracks persons who stay in an area for longer than configured.

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Application Examples 

Ex Automation CCTV Calibration PTZ 951 R. STAHL