Navigation Light Series TEF2870

Navigation Light Series TEF2870

Extensively tested in rough environments, navigation lights from Tranberg are the obvious choice by many vessel designers, ship owners and yards throughout the world. Our products and services meet the highest quality standards, perform reliably and efficiently to exceed customers expectations and assure market competitiveness.The design of Tranberg’s navigation lights is based on many years of experience and research in the field of professional Marine lighting. Carefully selected materials are used to ensure maximum performance, low maintenance and long trouble free life.

  • Integrated terminal box, no need for extra connection box
  • Access to bulb from top - enabling quick replacement of light source
  • Supplied with isolators to be used between the lantern and hull/mast (such as aluminium) to prevent corrosion
  • Durable bracket in stainless steel (SS316L) can be used when installing the lantern on 1” or 2” pipes
  • Extremely durable to mechanical deterioration; resistant to vibrations
  • Small dimensions; designed for use in arctic and tropical waters
  • Lens of through-coloured glass ‒ no decolouration throughout the lifetime of the lantern; 20 years warranty on lantern
  • The lens can easily be cleaned for paint, bird droppings, pollution and oil

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