Safe Ex d installations in conduits

Conduit material

Durable, safe Ex d wiring in conduits
R. STAHL's BMF and BFF product ranges have all the components you need for properly routing Ex d electrical wiring in conduits that protect the electric lines against damaging environmental conditions. Our accessories ensure that your wiring is both durable and benefits from the protection of a flameproof enclosure.

R. STAHL's BMF and BFF series conduit components provide effective protection for electrical wiring against damaging environmental conditions in hazardous areas. You can use pipes, elbows, pipe connectors, flexible hose connectors and many other components to construct the conduit configuration you require, and with conduit seals, you can create flameproof enclosures for Ex d wiring. Thorough sealing prevents the transmission of an internal ignition, and drain valves prevent corrosion from forming inside the conduits.

  • Protection for electrical wiring routed in conduits
  • A wide range of accessories: Pipes, flexible connectors, conduit seals, stopping plugs, drain valves, breather valves and much more.
  • Rigid and flexible structures, horizontal and vertical installation, NPT 1/2" to NPT 3"

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