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Product name Webcode
Traffic Light Series 6091/2 (discontinued) 6091A
Flashing Beacon and Continuous Beacon Series 6161 6161A
Signal Beacon - LED Series 6162 6162A
Fire Alarm Stations Series 8146/5052 8146G
Signal Horn 105 dB (A) Series 8491/1 8491/2 8491A
Horn Series 8492 8492A
Horn Ex d and Ex de Series 8493 8493A
Hazardous Area Loudspeaker - 25 or 15 W Series 8494 8494A
Industrial Horn Loudspeakers Series 8495 8495A
Industrial Audible Signal - 104 dB (A) Series CN41 (discontinued) CN41A
Visual Flashing Signal - LED Series FD40 (discontinued) FD40A
Instrinsically Safe LED Visual Flashing or Status Signal Series FD40IS FD40ISA
Industrial Visual Flashing Signal - 5 Joule Series FL40 FL40A
Explosion Proof Visual Signal 5, 10 or 20 Joule Series FL60 FL60B
GRP Flameproof Visual Signal - 5 Joule Series FL6S FL6SA
GRP Flameproof Visual Signal Series FX15 FX15A
GRP Flameproof Visual Signal Series FX15 5 Joule FX15B
Manual Call Point Series MCP MCPA
Indoor and Weather Proof Manual Call Points Series MCP and WCP MCPWCPA
Traffic Light Series MS35 MSA
Industrial Visual Status Signal - LED Series SD40 (discontinued) SD40A
Instrinsically Safe LED Status Signal Series SD40IS SD40ISA
Obstruction Light LED Series TEF2460 T2460A
Perimeter Light LED Series TEF2460 T2460B
Navigation Light Series TEF2850 T2850A
Navigation Light Series TEF2870 T2870A
Explosion Proof Manual Pull Station Series XPPS XPPSA
Hazardous Area Audible Signal - 100 dB (A) Series YA11 YA11A
Industrial Audible Signal 100 dB (A) Series YA30 (discontinued) YA30A
Industrial Audible Signal 106 dB (A) Series YA40 YA40A
Industrial Audible Signal 110 dB (A) Series YA50 YA50A
Explosion Proof Audible Signal - 110 dB(A) Series YA60 YA60A
GRP Flameproof Audible Signal - 110 dB(A) Series YA6S YA6SA
Industrial Audible Signal 116 dB (A) Series YA80 (discontinued) YA80A
Industrial Audible Signal 120 dB (A) Series YA80Super (discontinued) YA80SuperA
Flameproof Audible Signal – 115 dB (A) Series YA90 YA90A
Combination Signal 100 dB (A) / 3 Joule Series YL20 (discontinued) YL20A
Industrial Combination Signal 106 dB (A) / 5 Joule Series YL40 (discontinued) YL40A
Intrinsically Safe Combination Signal - 100 dB (A) / LED Beacon Series YL4IS YL4ISA
Industrial Combination Signal 110 dB (A) / 5 Joule Series YL50 YL50A
Explosion Proof Combination Signal – 110 dB (A) / 5 Joule Series YL60 YL60A
GRP Flameproof Combination Signal - 110 dB(A) / 5 Joule Series YL6S YL6SA
Industrial Combination Signal 116 dB (A) / 5 Joule Series YL80 (discontinued) YL80A
Industrial Combination Signal 120 dB (A) / 5 Joule Series YL80Super (discontinued) YL80SuperA
Intrinsically Safe Audible Signal - 100 dB (A) Series YO3IS (discontinued) YO3ISA
Intrinsically Safe Audible Signal - 100 dB (A) Series YO4IS YO4ISA
Intrinsically Safe Audible Signal - 105 dB (A) Series YO5IS YO5ISA