PEC-EX for electrical and mechanical inspections in ex areas

According to national and international technical standards and ordinances, explosion-protected equipment have to be inspected regularly in most countries. There are mandatory requirements on inspection concepts and inspections.

With user-friendly software PEC-EX for explosion protection, we will facilitate preparing the inspection concept, carrying out of the inspections and documenting the inspection results according to IEC 60079-17. Preliminary work for electrical and mechanical inspections in hazardous areas can be automated, simplified and accelerated.

PEC-EX not only automatically generates inspection plans according to your deployed ignition protection types – it also sets up your inspections and supports the inspection staff through an efficient input mask. Since PEC-EX automatically manages your outstanding, completed andhistoric inspection protocols for you, creating your required KPIs and compliance documentation is just as easy as keeping your facility under close observation.

PEC-EX offers even more: for intrinsically safe equipment, the verification of intrinsic safety can be calculated and the data that is required can be stored in a local database.

Ex area inspection R. STAHL

Your essential advantages of PEC-EX:

1. Flexible inspection concept.

2. Automated test plan generator.

3. Inspection plans are based on IEC 60079.

4. Integrated verification of intrinsic safety.

5. Expert advice, on-site support and seminars.

6. Paper-free organisation and inspections.

7. No double entries.

8. Improved data quality due to a central management of data and mobile data availability.

In addition to PEC-EX the PEC modules for functional safety management and for safety and quality assurance help you to keep your industrial plant safe.



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