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Thin Client Firmware of the Future

Every thin client hardware requires adequate software. This is why we equip our Thin Clients with the new REMOTE HMI firmware. We have developed this "industrial-grade" software especially for your requirements in the process industry. This seminal firmware enables our customers to realise current and future operating and monitoring trends for the Internet of Things (IoT), "Automation in the Cloud" and modular automation.

The REMOTE HMI firmware has been designed as a closed system and is based on the Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC operating system. This means that the firmware is highly secure, easy to use and reliable (SECURE - SIMPLE - RELIABLE).

SECURE - R. STAHL's Thin Clients are closed, tamper-proof systems with tiered rights management for users, engineers and administrators, and they support customer-specific security concepts.

SIMPLE - The REMOTE HMI firmware has been developed strictly according to UX design, together with customers from the process industry for the process industry. It features a clearly structured operating interface, and remote connections are intuitively and simple to parameterise.

RELIABLE - The firmware has numerous features, such as Ethernet redundancy and reconnect, ensuring system stability and fail-proof operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The REMOTE HMI firmware is a Thin Client software developed for the process industry which is supplied together with R. STAHL Thin Clients. The firmware is available for device platforms ORCA, SHARK, MANTA, EAGLE and the Industrial Box PCs. The firmware is used to configure, establish and secure remote connections to application servers, or, in the most simple cases, to a workstation. This enables remote access from one operating station to one or more workstations within a network.

Central Management with the REMOTE HMI Device Manager

The REMOTE HMI Device Manager is used for central management and configuration of all Thin Clients with REMOTE HMI V6 Firmware and higher.


Ex Remote HMI Firmware V6 and Remote HMI Device Manager Intuitive App Concept R. STAHL

Intuitive App Concept

Ex Remote HMI Firmware V6 and Remote HMI Device Manager R. STAHL

User-Friendly Basic Setting

Ex Remote HMI Firmware V6 and Remote HMI Device Manager Address Book R. STAHL

Address Book

Ex Remote HMI Firmware V6 and Remote HMI Device Manager Network Diagnosis R. STAHL

Network Diagnosis



  • Support of dual Ethernet and switch to dual host


  • Flexible access from one operating station to one or several virtual or real workstations in a network
  • Support of current RDP and VNC protocols
  • Support of multi-sessions for fast switching between applications


  • Support of real and virtual workstations, servers and automation systems


  • Support of TCP/IP via WLAN/WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHzIFI


  • For the set-up of a workstation with up to four screens
  • Touchscreen support for on-site operating stations for two monitors

The licence models

The REMOTE HMI Basic firmware is supplied together with the Thin Client hardware. A Pro License is available which can be activated at the Thin Client or via the REMOTE HMI Device Manager.

The REMOTE HMI Device Manager is stored on the image sticks of the Thin Clients and can be installed from there. This installation can be used to configure a Thin Client. A licence is required to configure additional Thin Clients.

REMOTE HMI V 6.0 Basic License

  • Includes RDP and VNC connection protocols
  • Features central configuration with REMOTE Device Manager
  • Apps and multi-sessions not supported

REMOTE HMI V 6.0 Pro License

  • In addition to REMOTE HMI V 6.0 Basic
  • Apps and multi-session


REMOTE HMI Device Manager

  • The licence for one Thin Client is always included
  • Optional licences include packages for 1, 5, 10 and 25 additional Thin Clients
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