Ex i/Ex e Relay Module, Series 9177

The Ex i/Ex e relay module of Series 9177 is suitable for use in hazardous areas of Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 and the safe area and permits galvanically separated switching of intrinsically safe (Ex i) and non-Ex (Ex e) electrical circuits. Both Ex i and non-Ex electrical circuits can be connected to its coil and contact connections. Switching from Ex i to non-Ex electrical circuits or vice versa is also possible at any time and without restrictions. Thanks to the integrated safeguarding for the contact and coil circuit, additional safeguarding is not necessary!

  • Requires little space - 12 mm width
  • Choice of circuitry of coil and contact between Ex i or non-Ex (Ex e)
  • Switching between Ex i and Ex e circuitry possible at any time
  • Switching capacity of 253 V AC / 125 V DC at 2 A
  • Safeguarding for contact and coil circuit integrated

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Ex i/Ex e Relay Module, Series 9177

Art. No.: 273000 Product Type: 9177/12-11-01
Signal types: Digital Output
Product Description: Relay Module Ex i/Ex e for Zone 1 Isolators
Number of channels: 1
Grid dimension: 12.00 mm
Connection type: Screw term., Push-in terminal
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