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Digital I/O coupler

Digital I/O coupler: Allowing you to integrate simple digital signals into the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1
R. STAHL's digital I/O coupler connects eight intrinsically safe contacts or proximity switches and four intrinsically safe solenoid valves to a FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1 in Zone 1.
The digital I/O coupler boasts a wide range of functions for a variety of different applications

With the Zone 1 digital I/O couplers, you can connect eight intrinsically safe contacts or proximity switches and four intrinsically safe solenoid valves or indicator lamps to a FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1. Input frequencies of up to 20 kHz are supported.

The coupler is supplied externally with auxiliary power (four-conductor device) in order to minimise the load on the fieldbus and, if required, can be operated in an intrinsically safe (FISCO) or non-intrinsically safe (High Power Trunk) configuration.

FF function and transducer blocks for DI, DO, DO valve, MDI, MDO, AI (frequency), CI (counter) and LTB (logic functions) are integrated in the couplers, making a whole host of applications possible.

  • Galvanic separation between input, output and fieldbus for safe operation
  • Choice of intrinsically safe (FISCO) or non-intrinsically safe fieldbus (High Power Trunk) for use in operation
  • Wide variety of function and transducer blocks

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1 Serie (1 Product)

Digital I/O Coupler Series 9413

  • For connecting up to eight contacts or NAMUR proximity sensors and up to four solenoid valves to a FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 in Zone 1
  • Ex ia IIC inputs/outputs
  • Operated using High Power Trunk concept or FISCO Fieldbus
  • Integrated function blocks for DI, DO, DO_valve, MDI, MDO, AI (frequency), CI (counter) and LTB (logic)

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