HMI systems for hazardous areas HMI systems for hazardous areas
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SPSPlusWIN 3.2.6 for Windows XP for Operator Interfaces SERIES 300 V. 03.02.06 zip
SPSPlusWIN 4.3.7 for Windows XP for Operator Interfaces SERIES 300 V. 04.03.07 zip
SPSPlusWIN 5.3.5, for Windows XP and 7 for SERIES 200 / 300 V. 05.03.05 zip
SPSPlusWIN 6.1.9, for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 for SERIES 200 / 300 with Bay Trail processo ... V. 06.01.09 zip
DVI3 Update FX de zip
DVI3 Update FX en zip
DVI3 Update TX de zip
DVI3 Update TX en zip
Demo Speedometer zip
Demo for 336 Usermanagment zip

Our new, innovative ORCA HMI device platform is the latest must-have for the process industry. With their modular design consisting of a display box and an electronics box, the devices can be easily upgraded to the latest technical advances. Both modules can be replaced in a matter of minutes, thanks to the EASY CONNECT plug-in system. The 12", 15" or 22" ORCA HMIs are available as Panel PCs / Thin Clients, and are the successor model to our popular MANTA HMI range.
SHARK and RAPTOR are our device platforms for harsh, extreme ambient conditions. They are suitable for operation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, outdoors, in tankfarms and on oilrigs. Both device platforms have a "rugged" design: they are shock-, vibration-, seawater- and salt-spray-proof, and have IP66.
For plug-and-play solutions, we can configure our HMIs with our V6 REMOTE HMI firmware, Windows 10 LTSC, MOVICON 11, IGEL or as a PXE boot solution. Naturally, we can also design application-specific customised solutions. Below is a selection of such solutions realised by us.

Our new 22" ORCA HMIs are fitted with an integrated RFID reader for quick log-in / log-out. Together with the LOGONPLUS software, a single card identification is sufficient for highly secure authentication. We value cyber security as much as explosion protection. Which is why every ORCA Thin Client is a closed system with industrial-grade security, supporting all common standards such as UEFI Secureboot. It can thus be seamlessly integrated into customer-specific security concepts. Our V6 REMOTE HMI firmware supports the most rigorous security requirements. It has been designed as a closed system and can easily be operated with the intuitive App concept, available as BASIC and PROFESSIONAL version.International certifications for ORCA HMIs are available shortly, for installation in Zone 1, 21, Class I, Zone 1 / Div 2 or Zone 2, 22, Class I, Zone 2 / Div 2.
With a modular design, the SHARK HMIs consist of a display module and an electronics box. For repair / maintenance, either of the two modules can be easily replaced. The E-Box can be fitted with type Intel Core i5 or AMD GX processors. The SHARK HMIs are certified worldwide for Zone 1, 21 / 2, 22 / Class I, Zone 1 / Class I, Zone 2 / Class I, Div. 2 / Class II, Div. 1 / Class III – certified according to ATEX, IECEx, EAC, NEC, CEC, PESO, CNEx, CCC, RCM, and with marine certification DNV, ABS.
Our RAPTOR panel-mount devices are designed as operator interfaces with integrated visualisation software. The luminous 7" widescreen displays with projected-capacitive touchscreen are ideal for machine operation and small-scale process automation. The devices can be operated with gloved digits, have 15:9 format and a resolution of 800 x 480. They can be installed as panel-mount devices in pharma walls or with an enclosure system with additional keyboard and emergency-stop buttons, for example.

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