Ex success stories remote IO paint factory R. STAHL

Remote I/O in a
paint factory

Cost-effective yet sophisticated solution 

Field stations with R. STAHL Remote I/O systems are currently being used successfully in the paint factory of an American electric car manufacturer. These control the paint supply in the paint mixing room, which is classified as a Class I, Division 1 hazardous area. NEC certification was therefore required. Another requirement was to be networked via PROFINET, as this is the communication standard favoured by the automotive industry.

Ex success stories remote IO paint factory class I division 1 R. STAHL

R. STAHL: Explosion-protection expertise for a long-standing customer

In the past, our customer, a painting plant manufacturer, had always opted for conventional equipment coupled with R. STAHL's ISpac isolators. Because of the regulations that applied when installing equipment there in the USA, it seemed to us that a solution that used our IS1+ Remote I/O system would be easier to install, making it considerably more cost-effective. We first provided them with an IS1+ Remote I/O test station with PROFINET networking. The trial was a complete success, with the customer being particularly impressed with the system's ease of use.

To operate these stations, we installed control devices and indicator lamps on the door. The automotive industry continues to set great store by the labelling on the devices and cables they use. Since R. STAHL is familiar with the list of requirements, we were able to provide our customer with a solution that suited them very well.

We have already successfully worked with the painting plant manufacturer on many projects in the past. When developing these solutions, we always take into consideration the end customer's specific requirements. These include:

  • Minimum manpower requirement.
  • Detailed information regarding the process in progress must be displayed to the personnel.
  • Upgradable and with retrofit options.
  • External system components must be highly resistant to solvents as these may come into contact with the outside, even when paints and solvents are handled within a closed process.

We also supplied explosion-protected control panels with visualisation stations and integrated control devices along with a variety of light fittings.

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