Optical Fibre Splice Cassette Series 8186

The 8186 series FO splice cassette for Zone 1 enables the proper and time effective connection of fibre optic cables in hazardous areas. Overall, the splice cassette provides space for 2 splice protection holders. When using one splice protection holder a max. of 6 fibre optics can be installed or max. 12 fibre optics with two splice protection holders. The splice cassette is used, for example, in connection chamber enclosures as a transfer point between the flameproof control panels and network or as a connection point between the fibre optics. The splice cassette is available for use in areas prone to gas or dust explosions, for installation in a protective enclosure in accordance with DIN EN 60079-0, and which is suitable for the provided operating location. Pre-assembled and customised enclosure solutions for various applications are available.

  • For installation in a protective enclosure in accordance with DINEN60079-0
  • Standard and customised enclosure versions available
  • For professional and time-saving FO installation in Zone 1 and 2
  • With one or two splice protector holders for installation of 6 or 12 fibre optics
  • Integrated crossover field for a bending radius-limited crossover of fibres
  • FO can provide power supply to all four sides
  • Easy mounting

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Optical Fibre Splice Cassette Series 8186

Art. No.: 203633 Product Type: 8186/1
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