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When it comes to explosion protection, you are in safe hands with us

We want to optimally support our customers in the field of explosion protection. Therefore, we offer not only pioneering products and holistic systems but also first-class service. With PEC, we have the perfect solution for the entire management of all inspection tasks for plant safety. The three modules from PEC allow you to carry out all tests in the fields of explosion protectionfunctional safetysafety and quality. It works paperless and tablet online and offline anywhere in the world.

As the market leader in explosion protection, we are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience. For years, our team organizes a comprehensive range of seminars - purposeful, practical and always up to date. In your daily work we continue to support you with knowledge of explosion safety. The R. STAHL knowledge pages give you an overview of the field of explosion protection. Furthermore, our publications serve as a fundamental reference book.

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