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Verifying and documenting intrinsic safety with R. STAHL

Verifying Ex i intrinsic safety for hazardous applications with equipment from different manufacturers and various devices might be a difficult undertaking. R. STAHL creates cost-effective verification and documentation of intrinsic safety circuits. Even for complex interconnected systems from a number of sources. No matter what your hazardous area verification needs are, R. STAHL can help.

Benefit from our expert knowledge and extensive experience. When it comes to Ex i intrinsic safety verification, you can rely on our explosion protection expertise.  R. STAHL not only offers a wide explosion proof product portfolio, but also years of experience in services within the explosion protection sector. As a result, we can take on the task of verifying intrinsic safety. Even in line with DIN EN 60079-14, which is mandatory for intrinsically safe circuits. This verification ensures that ignitable sparks and hot surfaces have been safely avoided. Ignition threats are prevented right at the source. Electrical equipment and wiring is suitably safe. For this level of safety, complex calculations are needed.

R. STAHL is happy to support you with every step of the way towards verification.

By limiting the voltage, current and power of an electrical circuit, values can be created that ensure no ignitable sparks are produced. This means no surfaces or cables can reach impermissibly high temperatures. To guarantee this intrinsic safety for the entire electrical circuit, every single piece of equipment and every connection, as well as their interactions, must be inspected and assessed.

This is a huge, challenging, responsibility for users to take on.

Rely on R. STAHL's expertise. We'll establish and document Ex i intrinsic safety.


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  • Comprehensive documentation
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We provide you with cost-effective intrinsic safety verification. Even for complex systems from a range of sources. To do this, we require a complete circuit diagram and a complete list of all devices and equipment including operating manual, data sheet and Ex certificate. At the end of the verification process, you will receive a document with all the information you need regarding the electrical circuit that has been verified.

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