Integrated Helideck Light Control TEF4600

Integrated Helideck Light Control TEF4600

The TEF 4600 integrated Helideck Lights Control is a first integrated control system for an easy and safe control and monitoring of all lights installed in a helideck. The control system can be delivered for use in both safe areas and Zone 1 areas. All types of Tranberg lights can be connected (perimeter lights, floodlights, obstruction lights, illuminated windsocks, Circle & H lights, status lights, etc.). Central to the system is a touch panel. Using an intuitive user-friendly menu, the user can simply set the lights on or off or dim respective lights when needed. The touch panel can be mounted either in the door of the main panel (safe areas only), in the adjacent room or elsewhere. R. STAHL’s Exicom MT-498 operator panel can be used for Zones 1 and 2. All touch panels come fully loaded with software and configuration options. Regardless of the control panel type, additional remote control panels may be connected. These are push-button panels with integrated illumination, allowing local control of lights, and in full synchronization with the computer screens. Applications:Deck light control panel; floodlight control panel; helideck control panel; heating system control panel; pump control panel; status panel; general control panel

  • All control gear in one cabinet, simplifying connections, control and monitoring
  • Smaller footprint than individual control cabinets for each type of light
  • Combined with Tranberg’s new line of LED helideck lights means an installation with an absolute minimum of required inspections and minimized maintenance
  • Connection with a supervisory control system through Ethernet, Profibus or similar standards
  • Optional touchscreen, allowing local control (Zone 1 panel or non-Ex)
  • Optional remote button and lamp control panel, allowing additional control of lights

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Ex Integrated Helideck Light Control TEF4600 R. STAHL

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