Circuit breakers that provide reliable protection for conductors in hazardous areas Circuit breakers that provide reliable protection for conductors in hazardous areas

Circuit breaker

Circuit breakers provide reliable cable protection, system protection and protection of persons in hazardous areas
R. STAHL offers a variety of different circuit breakers designed for specific intended purposes in hazardous areas, each and every one of which provides outstanding protection against earth faults, overload and short circuits. Thanks to a broad variety of versions, the appropriate protection can be optimally adapted to the conditions at the operating location.

R. STAHL produces various types of circuit breaker, which protect your systems your personnel against earth faults, overload, short circuit and dangerous shock currents. They are designed for nominal currents 0.5-63 A and nominal fault currents of 10/30/100/300/500 mA and can safely switch off 6 and 10 kA short-circuit currents. The 8523/8 series motor protection circuit breakers are a non-adjustable fast short-circuit release and an adjustable thermal overload release up to 22.5 A, and can also be used as moulded case circuit breakers. The circuit breaker in the proven 8562/5 series and the new 8530/1 series switch off safely and reliably. The miniature circuit breakers in both series switch off safely and selectively and, in the event of a short circuit, very effectively limit the current in order to minimise the load on the cables. The residual current circuit breaker reliably triggers in the event of residual current and protects life. A combination of the two previously mentioned components, the RCD/MCB is a residual current circuit breaker and also performs the role of a miniature circuit breaker. This practical combination reduces installation work and the space required.

  • Excellent current limiting in the event of a short circuit, low cable load, high selectivity
  • Moulded case circuit breaker/motor protection circuit breaker with adjustable thermal overcurrent release
  • Residual current circuit breaker of various types: A, AS, F, B and B+
  • RCD/MCB circuit breaker as space-saving combination of residual current, overload and short-circuit protection

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