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FAQs - Automation Products

1. Does R. STAHL have certified interface products for hazardous locations in process plants?

Yes, we have certified point to point network using galvanic isolators or bus networks such asRemote I/Oor foundation fieldbus concepts forhazardous locations.

2. Does R. STAHL have certified process interface solutions as a single point of source?

We have a complete range of process interface solutions for hazardous area locations along with

  • A vast experience in the Ex Market.
  • The skills to take care of design, build, test and carry out final certification of the solutions.

3. What explosion protection concept to be used in process area classified as hazardous locations?

We basically propose to go for an intrinsic safety concept in the plant but it depends on the feasibility and cost effectiveness. Better to go with mixture of explosion protection concepts (Ex d (explosion proof) / Ex e (increased safety) / Ex i intrinsic safety / Ex p (purge/pressure)) across the plant according to compatible solutions.

4. How to connect or link hazardous location transmitter / device to the safe area PLC controller?

  • Point to point interface in the marshalling panel between the PLC controller and the field devices.
  • Point to point interface or bus interface may be selected depending upon further feasibility.

5. Classical point to point wiring or the latest bus architecture wiring?

Latest bus architecture as first preference. Also it depends on the number of I/O signals in the project to decide.

6. What is the mixture of analog and digital signals in fine chemicals or pharmaceutical process plants?

Fine chemicals or pharmaceutical process plants have more of digital signals and also moderate analog signals.

7. Advantages of upgrading the process area devices communication network to latest protocols of EtherNet IP / PROFINET etc.?

More productive and efficient ways can be adopted with the availability of process data which will lead to best standard guidelines for achieving Industry 4.0 levels.

8. Does the latest NAMUR standard of diagnostics helps to reduce downtimes?

Yes, the latest NAMUR standard of diagnosis concepts help to support the maintenance team with

  • An effective proactive maintenance strategy.
  • Avoiding breakdowns of the sections of the process plant.

9. How to visualize the central SCADA system in to the process area in terms of operator stations?

The central SCADA system can be monitored in process location on an operator station (HMI) suitable for Zone 1 / Zone 2 in hazardous area.

10. Reactor vessel monitoring images or surveillance monitoring with respect to hazardous locations?

Complete hazardous location CCTV systems offer you the automated process of monitoring inner vessel material process through:

  • Appropriate image capturing.
  • Analysing the images.
  • Control the process efficiently.