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What is the top priority of your plant? Right, safety! To be precise, the safety of human life as well as alerting staff or report on the status of a process.

Therefore, occupational health and safety is essential for all operations, especially in hazardous areas. Warnings, guidance and protection are only given if the warning signals are clear. With the new generation of signalling devices from R. STAHL safety is maximized – we provide the answer of how signalling can be done properly.

The signalling device YODALEX/3 isuniquely designed with a built-in Ex d or Ex e connection chamber, providing quick and easy access to the connection points. Along with push-in terminals, they provide the user with a simple and effective way to minimize installation effort and avoid long signalling outages.

It is featuring automatic synchronization on multi-unit systems, the units engage a loud and clear signal, utilizing ultra-bright LEDs or more traditional xenon luminants, to ensure safety at all times.

Developed and built by R. STAHL, they are not just fit for use in hazardous, harsh and extreme environments, they also come equipped with global certifications that allow YODALEX/3 signals to be used across the world: both onshore and offshore.


YODALEX/3 is uniquely designed with a built-in Ex d or Ex e connection chamber, providing quick and easy access to the DIN rail-mounted connection points. It simplifies the process of safe installation and reduces installation time, whilst preventing accidental damage to the product.

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YODALEX/3 offers many possibilities on one platform to support the plant safety. Customization allows the user to adapt the YODALEX/3 to its environment and application through a highly versatile range of settings:

  • Unique design featuring easy-access connection chamber (Ex e "Increased Safety" and Ex d "Flameproof" versions available) 
  • 4 light stages with a wide variety of light modes (e.g., steady, blink, flash, rotating)
  • 4 sound stages with 64 selectable sound tones
  • 4 configurable power settings (eco, standard, high, max)


To ensure clear warnings, high-performance signals are required. YODALEX/3 provides omnidirectional and directional sounder options, which are available for optimal acoustic irradiation. High-performance beacons provide excellent optical output, be it via LED or xenon.  

  • Ultra-bright luminosity up to 465 cd (LED) or 136 cd (xenon)
  • Xenon tube life of up to three million flashes
  • High-performance sound output up to 120 db(A) @ 1 m with an integrated volume control of up to 18 db(A)


The external connection chamber enables the quick and easy terminal access without disassembly, just by opening a cover. Via the push-in terminals the installation is user-friendly and maintenance can be done with a “click”.  YODALEX/3 offers automatic synchronization on various systems: Warning signals are timed accordingly so that people can clearly perceive them.  

  • Push-in terminals or screw terminals
  • 7 selectable lens colours (amber, blue, clear, green, opal, red, yellow)
  • Automatic synchronization on multi-unit systems


YODALEX/3 are for use in all major markets and hazardous zones. Certifications for fire-safety and marine-industries applications are available as well.

  • Globally certified for ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, ITRI, UKCA, CNEx, and PESO
  • Zone 1/21, 2/22
  • Global fire-safety certification
  • Marine approval 



The modern YODALEX/3 offers a range of signalling devices, which the user can easily adapt to its environment and application.
It supports integrators for fire & gas and instrumentation in many tasks.


Which are the advantages of a signalling device with 120 decibel?

The signalling device YODALEX/3 is equipped with 120 db(A). This means a signalling device has up to 120 decibels at a distance of 1 metre. The device has a number of advantages.

A signalling device with a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 120 dB is very loud …

… and is very well audible when other sounds or noises interfere with perception in the near surrounding.

… and is still well audible in a distance. 

… if a human stands close to it. In this situation, reduce the SPL by changing the settings accordingly. 

As a result: a high perception reduces risk. 

How many signalling devices could a single device of 120 decibel replace?

YODALEX/3 comes with a high sound output of up to 120 decibel. The sound output is an exponential factor. 

Let's see what this means exactly: 

1 YODALEX/3 device with output of 120 dB(A) =  output of 4 devices with 114 dB(A) = output of 16 devices with 108 dB(A), etc. 

A powerful signalling device like YODALEX/3 will do a profitable job for the plant safety. 


How to make the settings for YODALEX/3?

DIP switches on the device allow you to make changes to how the equipment performs. 

It is much easier now with YODALEX/3 which provides an integrated volume control of up to 18 db(A): Just open the cover and adapt the configuration on the printed circuit board (PCB).


Did you know the eco modus of YODALEX/3?

The energy consumption has an effect on sound and light output. YODALEX/3 devices are energy saving and efficient: 

By choosing the settings on energy consumption of 125 mA / 250 mA / 500 mA or 1000 mA, the device will be as economical as you require it.  

Why is signalling important for fire & gas applications?

Typically, if you have a fire & gas protection system in place, signalling devices are needed.

Signalling devices like sounders and/or beacons alert people to the potential dangers. 

The fire & gas protection system has a detection system that is measuring and feeding back to the control panel, which in turn talks to the sounders and beacons. 

What is the advantage of automatic synchronization on multi-unit systems?

Automatic synchronization is important, because if you are in line of sight of more than one beacon and the beacons are not flashing at the same time, then this can bring on epilepsy and impair people’s ability to evacuate during an alarm condition. 

Similarly, if the sounders are going off at different times, the sound becomes confusing. 

YODALEX/3 comes with an automatic synchronization of visual and audible signals in order to send clear and unmistakable signals. 


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