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Efficient and flexible: Mobile Worker concepts for greater safety

Safety requirements are continuously increasing, especially in hazardous areas where a higher duty of care is necessary. Meanwhile, the amount of mandatory documentation is rising. To worsen the issue, there is also shortage of skilled labour. So what is the solution?

The answer lies in the efficiency of our Mobile Worker concepts. These are designed to enhance safety for both individuals and machines, improve process quality, meet documentation obligations, and reduce costs simultaneously.

Our Mobile Worker concepts consist of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and smartwatches along with the associated network infrastructure. This enables us to address your specific needs and provide a customised solution.




Expand our ORCA or SHARK operator stations with a mobile multifunctional set consisting of a handheld barcode scanner and a smartphone – a flexible duo for reliable data capture in hazardous areas. The wireless connection ensures flexibility at all times, and the barcode scanner can also be used with several different HMI operator stations.

  • Compatible with ORCA or SHARK operator stations via Bluetooth.
  • For 1D, 2D barcodes across distances of up to 18 metres.
  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +60 °C / IP68 / MIL-STD 810H.
  • Telephone with scanner app can also be used as standalone, affordable alternative.




Ensuring the safety of employees who operate in isolated locations where they can’t be seen or heard by others is your responsibility. This is quite a challenge at facilities across widespread factory grounds or hazardous areas. Here you can rely on our lone worker solutions:

  • Real-time monitoring to track the location and status of the mobile workers, enabling you to react fast to emergencies and send help.
  • Alarm functions enable the workers to request help in such situations. By simply pushing a button, the workers can trigger an alarm and transmit their location.
  • Direct communication between mobile workers and the emergency team or control room ensures immediate, appropriate action in emergencies.
  • Smartwatches, headsets and associated accessories keep the workers' hands free, while providing them with access to all data and information needed to handle complex operations safely.



Inspection and maintenance tasks in the field require workers to access the right information at the right time. Here, the benefits of our Mobile Worker concepts are self-evident:

  • Tasks can be carried out faster and more successfully with mobile access and processing of work orders, check lists and work instructions. This minimizes
    downtime and maximizes productivity.
  • Real-time access to pertinent information such as technical documentation,
    equipment manuals and maintenance records saves time and enables
    faster decision making on-site.
  • Automated messages and reminders ensure that workers stick to pre-set
    inspection and maintenance intervals, reducing potential risk-factors.
  • Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used to take and share
    photos, videos and notes immediately, improving transparency and enabling fast reactions.
  • With the connection of staff worldwide, potentially critical situations can be
    defused quickly. This way, you can prevent damage to staff and material and achieve time and cost savings.


Improve your process documentation

Using pen and paper to document your system status and work processes is highly inefficient and error-prone. Mobile Worker concepts facilitate simple and efficient on-site data input, with the data then saved to a central database where it can be accessed at any time.

With digital documentation, you can quickly search for and analyse information, leading to better tracking of tasks and results.

With media such as photos, videos and voice messages, mobile workers can add valuable extra information.

Mobile Worker concepts also support the compliance with industry regulations and make processes fully trackable.







Our EXpertise extends beyond providing mobile terminals. We assist with planning, expanding and optimising your WiFi network in hazardous areas. We are also your partner in integrating advanced mobile communication technologies such as LTE and 5G.

Our solutions are based on a combination of tried and tested components of renowned providers worldwide, customised to meet the requirements of your facility and enabled for operation in hazardous areas. We provide you with a versatile toolbox of components to customise your network infrastructure for any type of hazardous area.

User-friendliness and sustainability are other key advantages of our solutions. We chose technologies that are not only future-proof, but also easily upgradable to the latest device generation without reorganising your entire infrastructure.




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