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The new modular ORCA HMI platform with Easy-Connect click-fit system for Zone 1, 21

You need an HMI system that's future-proof for the next 15 years? A system with upgrade options for the next processor platform, where the display can be quickly replaced and maintenance is easy - even in hazardous areas?

Look no further: the new ORCA HMI platform has arrived.

The latest ORCA HMI generation features the cordless EasyConnect click-fit system. The electronic box (E-Box) and the display box (D-Box) are two separate modules which are connected via a click-fit system, making them easy to combine as required. This modular concept turns the ORCA into something more than an HMI: a technological system with replacements, upgrades and easy maintenance possible for at least the next 15 years. 

The new ORCA platform has been developed for process and machine operation in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, biotech and life science industries. The modular operator stations and panel-mount devices are the perfect solution for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as for Class I & II, Division 2 and Class III . Globally certified and on request even suitable for Class I, Division 1.

We thought of everything: cordless modularity, cybersecurity, investment security

EasyConnect click-fit system
In just a few steps, the electronic box (E-Box) with PC or Thin Client can be detached from the display box (D-Box) with the multi-touch screen, without having to disconnect any cables. The EasyConnect click-fit system makes the combination and replacement of modules a simple task. Where in the past a whole new system would have been needed to increase processing speed, the new EasyConnect concept means that a new E-Box with a quicker CPU will do the trick.

This ensures the continuity, longevity and investment security of the ORCA operating system.

Future-proof investment
R. STAHL guarantees the availability of the modular ORCA system for the next 15 years, so in the space of that time you can adapt an ORCA HMI to keep up with technical progress, or reconfigure it to meet different requirements. Be it a new display, a new CPU or a different enclosure - no problem at all. This saves both time and money, and is also more sustainable.

Cybersecurity and RFID access
Increasing digitalisation entails an increasing risk of cyber attacks. Consequently, cyber security is as important to us as explosion protection. That's why each ORCA HMI operator station is a closed system with industrial-grade security, supporting all common standards such as UEFI Secure Boot or SSD write-protection. It can also can be seamlessly integrated into customer-specific security concepts.

In addition, ORCA operator stations as well as the 22" panel mount can be fitted with contactless RFID/NFC readers. On this basis, it is possible to implement fast and comfortable user authentications and electronic signatures.

Ex automation HMI ORCA exploded view R. STAHL


- Simple and secure log-in process - Electronic signature for GAMP processes

Remote HMI firmware

- Closed system with industrial-grade security - High level of protection against cyber attacks

EasyConnect click-fit system

- Modular design - Easy replacement - Easy maintenance

GMP compliant

- Stainless steel enclosure, front opening - Degree of Protection IP66 - Cleanrooms up to Class C

Display box (D-Box)

Integral part of the Panel PC or Thin Client

Electronics box (E-Box)

Integral part of the Panel PC or Thin Client


Rugged, multitouch-capable touchscreen, protected behind scratch-resistant, anti-glare glass

Smart, sustainable and secure into the future


The ORCA HMIs feature state-of-the-art HMI technology. Based on the feedback of customers all over the world, as well as our experience spanning over 30 years, we present our new HMI platform for the process industry. The sophisticated design of our ORCA HMI platform takes into account everything needed for an easy set-up. The devices are space-saving and surprisingly lightweight, considering they are explosion-protected. Also, the EasyConnect click-fit system means they can be easily and securely installed even by just one person, and twice as fast as predecessor systems.


With the launch of our new ORCA HMI platform, we are introducing the new, cordless EasyConnect click-fit system. The components of a traditional operator system are split into two modules: an electronics box (E-Box) containing the computer or Thin Client, and a display box (D-Box) with the multi-touch screen. These boxes can be easily combined, providing flexibility during maintenance and upgrades.


Our ORCA HMI system complies with all international safety standards and has been certified according to ATEX, IECEx, NEC, CEC, CCC*, BIS*, KCC* and EAC*. (* certification pending)



Our comprehensive support service gives you access to our sales experts, technical experts and to our customer service, providing you with excellent support with all HMI-related issues - pre-purchase, before and during installation as well as for any problems that may arise. If you need more extensive support, our new service level agreement packages spanning three or five years could be just the thing for you.These service level agreements also include the integration of third-party software into R. STAHL HMIs, and preferential treatment in all support issues - for us, customer service is not just a department, it´s an attitude.


Thin Clients have become the most frequently installed HMI system - their longer life-span combined with lower heat dissipation make them preferable to other systems. However, their installation and connection to various servers can be complicated and time-consuming. A software is needed to simplify the installation and secure operation in Industry 4.0 environments, with further, additional functions.

R. STAHL has taken this on board: all ORCA HMI systems are fitted with the current version of our Remote HMI firmware, and can be managed and configured centrally with the Remote Device Manager.

The ORCA HMI systems can be configured with Windows® 10 LTSC, Movicon 11, IGEL OS® or with PXE Boot for Thin Manager®.

And the best part: thanks to our migration services, existing EAGLE and MANTA platform Thin Clients are fit for the future of explosion-protected HMIs.


Our industrial touchscreens are rugged, multitouch-capable and protected behind scratch-resistant, anti-glare glass. With excellent readability, the displays are as simple to operate as a smartphone. The multitouch-capability means that several touches can be processed simultaneously, enabling functions such as moving, scrolling, zooming etc.




The ORCA HMIs have been specifically developed for the process industry. The panel-mount devices are IP66 front and back, without the need for an additional enclosure. The operator stations have an easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel enclosure, also IP66, with 316 available on request. They are easily accessible via the front door with GMP gasket and are suitable for cleanrooms up to Class C.


Responsible use of natural resources, as well as environment and climate protection are second nature to R. STAHL. Our aim is to develop innovative, high-quality and long-life products as our contribution to a sustainable value creation.   

ORCA HMIs have no encapsulation and hardly any glue, making them not only free from toxic substances, but also fully repairable. Because we are using sand, the D-Box and E-Box can be taken apart and repaired. If necessary, disposed of component-specifically. This increases the life-span of the products immensely, while at the same time reducing cost for repairs and replacements.



Existing EAGLE or MANTA installations can use our migration services for an even easier start into the future.

  • ORCA HMIs fulfil or over-fulfil all ambient specifications of the EAGLE and MANTA device platforms.
  • The existing cable infrastructure can be retained.
  • ORCA HMIs can be integrated into existing MANTA or EAGLE  enclosures.
  • Full compatibility of the Remote HMI firmware from Version 5 onwards.
  • Compatible Windows LTSC operating system.
  • Turnkey system with Movicon 11 – compatible with series 300 EAGLE operator interfaces with Movicon.
  • Support with migration of EAGLE operator interfaces with SPSPlus.


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Ex dual-screen HMI ORCA R. STAHL

Operator station - single or dual

Ex panel mount devices HMI ORCA R. STAHL

Panel-mount device

Ex electronics box HMI ORCA R. STAHL

Electronic box (E-Box)

Ex display box HMI ORCA R. STAHL

Display box (D-Box)

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